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M-o-M,if you remember,we never called ourselves anything like the Labels given(the originals called themselves Modernists)..Through the various stages we never said we were this that or the other.It was always names given to us.I never called myself a Suedehead nor did any of my Mates.We just wanted to smarten up,then we became "Smoovies" as printed in a Paper.
It was interesting to see some of the Originals (Mods and Rockers) talking about the Bank Holidays.Steve Barrow is featured in the "Mod" Book through some photos taken of him-on Scooters.Of course,the social climate of Britain always comes up-by the so-called experts.Even though only one Professor was old enough to have lived then(and he was an old Biker).The youngsters in those days could not give a blind fck about what was happening in their Country.They wanted a good...
"Suedehead" was another name given to us by the Media.All I know was,I grew my Hair because I did not want to be associated with the term Skinhead anymore.It had passed its time-and like all Fashion Phases became unfashionable.Most of the others adopted the same idea,hence the rise of "The Boot Boys".Suedeheads still wore the DMs as it was the start of the Football Firms(ICF being one of them).I still wore DMs but that was to work,so the DM Story had gone full circle.
Still looks "Cracking" now.Well done Gill.
I loved Trilbies(still do).Had one for ages,then sold it to a Mate who wore it even longer.
Like the Photo...more please Soulcharger.
Flight Bags,blimey you were posh M-o-M.Only saw them on Adverts or Air Hostesses......
"I actually liked the semi smart "Look" of a Suit Jacket and Jeans(especially when the Levis had a "Medium Blue" Look about them).You could go to the Pub or other Clubs-but not Dancehalls.
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