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About 10+years ago(when I returned from Cyprus),I bought a pair of Alfred Sargent`s Smooth Gibsons.They have lasted me well-and they did not break the Bank.
Ed,not everybody reads the Guardian,Mate...
Buttons gets everywhere !!!!
"Donis" was the Boutique where I bought my first pair of Mod "Hipsters" in `64,along with other bits-like a white Belt .....
You will find John Simons really hard to pin down.He will say one thing one minute,then something else the next.He is a Businessman.
If I can reply to this, cerneabbas,the short answer was -no! During `69/`70 "Royals" was it(all three designs-Brogues,Smooths and Gibsons).You turned up in anything else and the p*ss would be taken big time.This changed when Solatio Gibsons came in,this opened up the "Look" quite a bit.Toe Shapes went wider.Then the Loafers appeared so the "Royals" lost the market a bit.Cheaper Shoes were always frowned upon anyway,they had to be a certain price really.Snobbery played a...
By then it was all Tourists-and Yellow Lines !!
Yes it will,I have been there before-no "shrinking violets" at the Ad-Lib.
This Saturday coming(April,12th)I am hoping to re-create the atmosphere of some of the early Clubs-The Flamingo,The Roaring Twenties,The Ram Jam etc.,in a small Cellar Club(in Lincoln).I will be playing Jamaican Ska,Shufflebeat and Rythmn and Blues.I will have my work cut-out as there are others going,who have a better Pedigree than me-in the early Mod days.In fact there is a couple who will be playing some of the old Rythmn and Blues by Cyril Davis,Georgie Fame,Long John...
Looks different from his "Mod Generation" Photo....:)Is Peter contributing to the Book,M-o-M?
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