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I have just checked my Levi Leather Jacket and it was made in China(for Levi Europe).The Leather looks different to the ones made in India.They are Button Through-only the original ones were Press Stud.
A Crisp White Shirt,Dark Cravat,a very smart Check Jacket(In Maroon-unlike anything you would get in a British Shop,unless J.Simons has them).Beef Roll Loafers and smart Black Trousers.His Hair was slick with a side parting(shades of "Mad Men".He stopped me in my tracks......
Whilst walking through the corridors of Basildon Hospital,this week,I spotted a Gent(in his mid 20s) wearing late 50s/early 60s pure Ivy League.I stopped and watched him walk through the crowd.He had obviously thought about what he was wearing-as opposed to just chucking it together.He even finished it off with a Briefcase in the shape, that belonged to that time.It was good to see(my Missus totally missed him).
I think this is pure shite as the Guys in Woking were pretty much to what was happening(even at 14).Guildford was only about 15 miles away from Woking,and there was plenty of Clothes Shops there-I think this is what is called "trying to get street cred".
Maybe Ronnie Sharpe could not remember earlier,being a Greaser probably only took him to certain places.
Weller was born `58,so not in the original times(he would have been 12).
Try down Brick Lane(the undercover parts).
What has that got to do with Scottish Politics? A*s*h*l*s !!!!
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