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Good to see (from the B.B.C.)a more positive look at the 60s Skinheads,including an "Original" talking about the influences of the way he dressed.His Picture,along with his Girlfriend,has appeared on these Pages before.The Drummer from Symarip talking about the Album.Also(without giving too much away)an interesting insight to the later generation of Skinhead.
Interesting Photo,seeing it`s Chelsea 1970.
Interesting Clouseau,though I do not remember seeing Levi Jackets with Pockets,until the 70s.The one I bought in `68(and `70 which a Girlfriend nicked,years later), certainly did not have them-because they had a shape as opposed to the Wrangler which seemed baggier.The present Leather will never have the quality of the original ones,but it is still not bad.I have not seen the Suede so I cannot comment.
Levi (I believe)did a few Colours in Cord Jackets.I can remember a Mate of mine having a Blue one,in the 60s.
Was it not this Style that Levi copied later(putting in side pockets I mean).
I thought you were older.....
ts funny really,or so I think.Every day they shove "you have got to be slim and fit" etc.,etc.down your throat and (as the comments above show) are failing miserably.Back in the 60s,Women had more knowledge of how to dress themselves.They did not try and squeeze into things that were two sizes too small-otherwise you had the others taking the Gypsy`s Kiss out of them.There were larger Women about,but they dressed accordingly.
There are some very smart older Fellas about.I find some of the Women cannot carry it off-especially if they dress "Skinhead"
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