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Here`s a Novelty for you. Visited a Military Modelling/Wargames Exhibition in Newark(Partizan 2015) , I have an interest in the Subject.Walking around the Halls I came across a Game being set up known as "Aggro".I went back later and the Game was in progress.You get either 2 or 4 Players playing,in which they control Gangs of Skinheads(yes they were painted up as them - Boots,Braces,Cropped Hair and some with Trilbies).The Game takes place in and around a Football...
I saw Geno quite a few times,performing in Clubs,in the 60s.I only saw Jimmy James a couple of times.The Ram Jam in Brixton did have Soul Artists etc., appearing but the Dj Playlists were going more to Jamaican as the main Dance Music(1968)
Ska Au Go Go was released as well as Club Ska `67(Volumes 1 and 2) in 1967.I had a couple of these from new.Because of the Label Blue Beat ,Ska was often referred to as Blue Beat here.To the older Jamaicans Blue Beat was a separate Dance to Ska(coming out beforehand).Soul played in the Clubs of (London and the South East) on the Funkier side(as mentioned in previous Pages).No older 60s Records were played.I agree M-o-M,Tamla was a different Category in the Shops.In...
Before Labels were attached to the various Genres of Soul,it was just known as "Soul".You went into the Record Stores and all of it would be under "Soul" -regardless of whether you were looking for James Brown or Tommy Hunt.
Pictures of Arthur Mullard come into mind........
I see them nearly every Weekend(Unicorns) - but it normally follows a trip to the Pub.....
Great to have you back Bunty. I believe John would call them Solatios,I would call them Italian Basket Weaves,a Shoe I liked but never got to buy.I have a feeling they were earlier than `68 though.
"Skins" was used early in Graffiti - same time as "Boot Boys"
Never heard the "Futurist" Label -seems to be People who were ahead of the Game(even more so than Faces).
Listening to the Podcast now.Saw the Pretty Things in the Marquee,around `66.Good Live Band. Whoops doubled up
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