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They were "asked" to leave......
Yes,quite a few Pages back.
I think you will find they are messing about.For most part they look older than the other Skinheads - maybe showing off..For our messing about,we did the "wooly bully" - a Greaser Dance.I did not see that Dance done to Reggae - but then I did not go everywhere(especially in North London).
In late `69/early 70,the Dancehalls were now catering for Skinheads(once the Live Band had finished), because by then the other Punters were not about(much).
Welcome back Sir..........
Are you referring to the Ska Dance(Rowing),because I never saw that in `69.It was bending of the Knees or rocking backwards and forwards.It was also done across the Floor - not in Groups,.The Music was mixed up,so you would have a Soul Record then a Reggae one.But this was later.
Now,don`t start Bunty.......
Clouseau,Never saw the Streaker in the Game - nor the Old Bill
Off the Wall Little Queenie.
That's the one - though the Figures were pure `69 D (I see now you can later "Hooligans".....)
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