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Good to see you back Buttons,and for your expert opinion on-er Buttons......Are you at the "Sound and Pressure"/"Scorcher" Weekender in Nottingham,this weekend.If so I will see you at the Bar-for a couple or more .....Still a bit life in these old shoes(sounds like a good record title ).
The Guardian doing it`s usual and missing out on a few Facts.Good to see "British Clothing getting a mention-and as quoted "the Older Man" can be interested.The only problem is the sizes are made for Sparrows.This is what really annoys me,you into any Shop selling Menswear and all you see is the smaller sizes.The larger ones have sold out.A Case in Point,Marks and Spencers had something I was interested in(a Polo Shirt).All Summer it has only small sizes on offer(even...
You can still recognise ex Skinheads our age.Its the walk,and the swagger.
Good looking Shirt-would be interested in other Colours.
I am 18 1/2" Neck.52"Chest.Sleeves are about 33"ish.42" Waist with 32" Leg.
Sounds good.Would you be able to cater for someone who left their Youthful Sizes many,many years ago(AKA A Fat Bastard),Ivyskin89?
A sensible Colour Scheme.....methinks
Unlike now,you had Haberdashery Shops in most High Streets.My Mum was always buying stuff from them.I wonder how many Mums have got a Sewing Box now,in this throwaway Society?You could buy black cotton material that could be ironed onto T-Shirts etc.Electrical Tape was expensive and not widely bought(only in Trade Shops),so the average Teenager would not have got it - and it did not last long in a hot Club.
Probably,as the "Look" became more fashionable.Originally it was done with Black Tape ironed on.There are also stories of Chef Jackets(White) being dyed different Colours.This was a little before my time.
Good Photo.In "Mods - A New Religion",those College Style T-Shirts started off handmade.Seems there was quite a variety on the Theme.
New Posts  All Forums: