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No problem M-o-M,dont want to be looked upon. as "jealousy schoolgirls" do we ? Grove I do a 2 hour Radio Show(every week) now-what do you do -besides being a "Keyboard Warrior"?
I am glad you ignored the "celeb" part.I know he was not as famous as Elms but what about Jim Cox,M-o-M? He was there.He has written his Piece in "The Soul Stylists" and he ran a very successful "Reggae Train" for many years(until retiring recently).I nice fella to boot-excuse the pun......
Yes,that is a good photo.Also backs up what I said(many,many pages back) about the Creases going underneath the Ticket Pocket.On the "Off The Peg" ones they stopped just short.The Length was how I remembered them as well.Good Photo.I knew Pete had some good ones.
I can see the likeness
Nice to see old Film of Brixton(around `69),on the Hairy Bikers "Food Tour Of Britain".It showed the Market and the surrounding Streets.The Shop I visited there (FHW)to do Window Dressing,was in Electric Avenue.Next but one door along was a Record Shop that used to blast out Reggae all day long.Walking around the Market you has various Stalls,doing the same thing.It was great during the Lunch Breaks.
Nice one Ed.I would do a pretty reasonable "Radio Show" about London,if I had the financial clout and the numerous "researchers" he has.
Beautiful !!!!
Ah!Robert Elms again.A Skinhead expert at 10 years old(born in `59).He knows everything about the Mile End and the Bethnal Green Boys-even though he lived in Burnt Oak and was born in Hendon.I would never say I knew what went on in North London because I never went there.But that is the difference,every thing that is put up in the Subject he is there with his"expert" opinion.He was not there! He only watched his older Brothers and their Mates dressing up_no problem with...
New Posts  All Forums: