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Dave God-in.The Nighter ,at the beginning,was Blackburn.Used to go there in the 80s.I was there when they did the Filming and most people stayed out the way of the Camera.Always a great night.
Totally agree with you McDermott.
Ir you watch the "Soulboys,Suedeheads and Skinheads" on YouTube,you will a brief glimpse(at 0.44)of one of the Guys wearing a Red/Black Argyle Slipover.
I can see(in my minds eye) it would be about `71.The hair has grown and I can picture Penny Collars-with Cord Jeans and Loafers.It was also the time of "Cable Stitch" Crew Neck Jumpers in various Colours.
Yes,remember those days well !!!!
That was one I was thinking of,Mr.Knightley,but could not remember who was wearing one and when.
Like I said Argyle Socks were Mod wear.J.Simons sold them in the Ivy Shop.,Richmond.I do like the Pattern and have many Pairs of different Colours.
Bloody hell,they were vainer than the Mods over here.....Thanks Clouseau.
Or was it to look at the Girls-My French is lousy........
Hello Vietskin.Interesting to hear about the polishing of the Soles(of Shoes).This pre-dates the "Northern Soul" habit of putting Talc,on the Floor-by about 10 years. M-o-M,did they put Talc on the floor at the Twisted Wheel during the 60s?
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