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Agree with Inks on that one.Quite a few were sported-a lot of the times faded,as if done some time before(or it might have been the ink used then).
That is a brilliant Photo Bunty.The Boots are as I remembered them.....
Looked at the "Mods Dancing" Clip-brilliant.A quick glimpse of a Pork-Pie Hat very smart.
Whereever I went in London I saw scruffy Skinheads.No one area could say they were the smartest in London-there would be smarter ones,but that was in each area,
It is later than `69/`70.They are drinking Dark Ale(the ones I could see).Yep I would go towards that one M-o-M.A right scruffy mix-up with clothes though.
No kilt for me at this one, it's proved problematic in previous London encounters. I'm the shortarse, BTW![/quote] A bit windy "dahn sarf",eh Ed????
Yes the Clan Area was around Balmoral.Now this throws up an interesting fact-Balmoral was expanded in 1852(House and Grounds)when it was purchased by Prince Albert.I am also thinking could this have been a start of my Grandmother`Familys` transfer to Ireland.
Not good at transferring over,but try "The House Of Names".Here it has the origins,the various spellings etc.,etc.Enjoy
.Good book Clouseau.Ancestors on my Fathers side belonged to the Findlay Clan.My Grandmother came from Co.Dublin where her name had been anglisiced to Finloe.I am still looking into when they were cleared out of the Highlands-was it after the Jacobite Uprising or was it tomake room for Sheep.That is how a lot of Highland Scottish ended up in Ireland.I will now go back on track......
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