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There has been Photos on here(many moons ago)where a two button Jacket was worn with a Waistcoat(`69).Maybe Pete`s Jacket was part of a 3 Piece.I had my hair longer but got it cut shorter(it was the start of Hair being brushed back) as I went into Butchering.
We looked and acted with arrogance,we knew who we were.
The original Mods never recognised anybody but themselves as Mods-not even the second wave (`65/`68).We still followed the Mod Ethos,but they said it cheapened the "Look".We had our Suits made to measure just like them etc.It is funny,reading "Sawdust Caesers",some are ones that were there at the time-but some RE younger than me so how the fck would they know what was happening `61/`62.I certainly did not.
We called ourselves Mods,it was the younger crowd that adopted the media name "Skinheads"-afterwards everybody who had short hair,was a Skinhead.
Remember that.........
I like the `70 Photo,it`s as I can remember it.The second Guy from left has kept his top button undone-as Lapels were being pressed back to make it look a two button Jacket(American idea).
Never ventured into Barking or Dagenham-because there was always aggro.This went on through the 70s as well.I lived (for 2 years) in Castle Green and "The Ship and Shovel" was also a trouble Pub.
Nope, I don`t,I asked my Sister and she cannot recollect it either.Mind you ,by then,anything remotely connected with "Skinhead" I ignored-the journalists were just feeling around to increase Sales.
How I look at it M-o-M,it shows a Skinhead in a non-aggressive Attitude(just asking why ??), and is slap bang in the timescale 1969.
This would be a great Cover for the Book,if Permission was granted.
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