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I agree with going too Political .I have only to look at Tower Hamlets to see what has gone wrong.
Those places are called "No Go Areas" over here-the Police go nowhere near them
Used to love watching "Dev" play,a true magician down either wing.Pity we have no one of his ilk now.
You had all that before Inks.If you wanted to go below the surface it was there to be explored.
Sometimes I read Journalists and I wonder what Planet they have come from.The latest piece of crap journalism reads(and I quote)"London is more vibrant now than it was 30 years ago".It goes on to state the late night Bars and Restuarants as an example.So wtf did we do then,during the 60s! True there was no binge drinking then or stupid bastards spread out on the pavement pissed out of their boxes-no Pub customers totally blocking the Pavement-so you have to walk in the...
It provided with more width to the Wardfobe :)Shops like Flips were opening up and selling American Clothing so you could go and get your wardrobe-without breaking the Bank.My favourite one was in Curtain Road but Greenwich was pretty good as well.
Interesting recollections Oneflewover
Just sticking to the "Skinhead" Topic can become tedious.I believe in putting more "meat to the bone",so that an understanding of what general life was like around that time-and how we arrived at that stage in our social history.
Very good-mind you we have mobility than some of the youngsters today.....
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