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The Levi Suede Jacket was very stiff so I do not think you could roll the Sleeve back.Maybe a Cord one.I had a version of the "Safari Jacket".I know,on the Site,that it states 1967 but the Clothing worn came earlier.The Shoes,the Patterned Shirt,the Boating Jacket etc.,I would have put in 1965 ish.
It was the Décor.Near there was an indoor Bowling Alley.
Burtons used to have Dancehalls upstairs,if my Memory serves me correct.
I believe the second Pic of Geno was taken at the Carousel Club(Big `C`),Farnborough around 1966.The Club attracted Mods from all over,it was only small but what an atmosphere.
I cannot remember seeing Boating Jackets being worn with Ties originally,Fred Perrys yes.Videos were not really around in the early 60s or to the extent of being advertised in Soho.Short Audio Films were made to promote Records that I do know.
If you look at Rod Stewart`s Hairstyle(about the same time)it shows a more flashier side to the Mod Cut.Good Picture Cover and Song,though it got buried somewhat with what was being released at the time.
I think if the Bostonians had been available in `69 then Boots would have become extinct overnight.......
Back in `69 the Gibsons looked like the Royals at the back(they had a certain finish on the Heel),that was it.Today you can dissect away,then you bought what you saw.
What also has to be remembered Sirryacus,that in `69 Church`s were also considered very Traditional.When the Royals came out they were considered something different.They were classed as American(even though they were a British Design).Simons advertised to that effect ,this has been discussed before.Timpsons were the first that is why Simons bought from that Company also discussed earlier.The American Brands did not come until later (well into the Ivy Shop then...
They were considered a Shoe for the more Affluent,not found in all High Streets.
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