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Back in `69 the Gibsons looked like the Royals at the back(they had a certain finish on the Heel),that was it.Today you can dissect away,then you bought what you saw.
What also has to be remembered Sirryacus,that in `69 Church`s were also considered very Traditional.When the Royals came out they were considered something different.They were classed as American(even though they were a British Design).Simons advertised to that effect ,this has been discussed before.Timpsons were the first that is why Simons bought from that Company also discussed earlier.The American Brands did not come until later (well into the Ivy Shop then...
They were considered a Shoe for the more Affluent,not found in all High Streets.
Yes they did,but once they started.......Sea Salt worked wonders.
The smell and the amount of Blue Dye that used to come out.My Mum would moan about the Bath,even though I cleaned it(not good enough).Afterwards it was a new pair taken every time went to the I.O.W.
"Gibsons" were so named because that is what it had printed on the original Box Label(don`t forget I bought mine from Timpsons - not Simons).They were the least popular of the Royals and they were the last Style,around `69 ish..Thanks to Basset for putting up the Photo of the Gibsons.Timpsons had upped their Game with the Royals,before then they were on par with FHW,Trueform in the High Street.Churchs etc.,were always quality Shoes but very much MOR,they started getting...
Smooths had Plain Tops(as seen in Picture),Gibsons had an Apron around the top of the Shoe and then the Stitching came down in front of Shoe.Result today in T.K.Maxx.Something I would have worn during the "Mod" time -Black Suede Sebago Loafer,normally Retail about £160.00.,£30.00 Deal done .....
Those were Smooths not Gibsons......Lasttye put those up Clouseau.
I put it on Facebook,unable to transfer it over.....
Another Track,not listed,but was played during the mid 60s Roosevelt Grier - Slow Drag.
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