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Trevira was alright.I had a Beige D/B in the 70s-lasted a long time.
Welcome bohs ger to this Site.
Yes Mike,Holy Grail time !!!!!
I do not know if M-o-M chased up the picture on Facebook(I told him about it a few weeks ago),but it is the only Photo I have seen of the original Royal Gibsons.The Guy had bought them and put the picture up.Lasttye you would know him.
Yes I did-when I went to JM Weston`s own Website.
You could get the Tuf Shoe,from FHW,but you dould get their own "Vanguard" Shoe that looked as good to me.I wore these as an alternative to Boots.They could never make up their minds(on the Door)when the "No Boots" Law came in.I still got in with them though-benefit of the doubt ...
Thank-you Clouseau,now I know the History behind the Shoes.I must say,the Businessmen looked very smart in them.
As M-o-M has said,Trevira was a cheaper alternative to Mohair.You could get it in Two-Tone but it never had the colour changing quality.In the 70s it became more popular,as a lot of OTP Suits were made from it.
I remember these as being called "French Gibsons".I first noticed them being worn by a lot of Parisienne Businessmen,when I worked at the Airport.I bought a pair from Next in the 80s-but unfortunately(like so much of my stuff)never returned back from Cyprus.
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