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Talking about "Buttons" the other week,with Jim Cox`s Young Lady.We were talking about when "Buttons" got shot(not with a Sten - before anybody asks )outside the Bonanza Arcade in Hackney.The Mod who did it became a Hero amongst the Mods - he also served a long Prison Sentence.
I`ve spoken to two ex 60sSkinheads this morning,and the reaction was the same.They either walked out the Room or turned it off.I went on the Computer.I am thinking of suing B.B.C for "Misrepresentation etc." We did not have Sten Guns,maybe a few Sawn-offs.Fck me,if we had the Sten Guns - Greasers and Hippies would have come extinct overnight.......
Exactly right Mate.
Spoken like a true Frenchman........
It was a Navy Blue Bomber Jacket not a Flight Jacket.
Saw The Small Faces a few times "Live",but it became impossible to hear them so I stopped going.....
What I meant was,it was written by an ex uni graduate from the 80s -Oppression and Unemployment etc.I never felt oppressed nor did any of my Jamaican Mates.Just out to have a good time.I went to Jamaican Clubs etc.,but never got that feeling anywhere.Later(in the 70s) yes there was but I was not into "Roots".I cannot speak for the North but Employment was plentiful where I was - I thought the Ship Builders were still there, on Tyneside etc.in the 60s.
Fear of being called a Dirty Old Man(which I am),they were the Highlights....Stirring the Pot,M-o-M.....
Damn I am.........80s Stylee !!! Oppressed WTF !!!
I will have a listen to this.I have met and quite like Eddie Pillar.
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