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It was great to see you all yesterday(yep I came back),excellent to see the old Faces(I do not mean to be rude Gentlemen)and a few younger ones as well.Looking forward to the November Meet Up,barring any cock-ups. PS I had Suede Loafers on - but for the Life of me I cannot remember where I got them from.
I have come back and read through all the Posts(from 1466 until now).I do not come on as much but do occasionally have a read through..Speaking for myself.I was asked to join this Forum by Roy many Moons ago.It was the Skinhead thing that got me interested but it widened out.I have read and agreed with most Posts,but not all.We had some right ding dongs on here regarding what was worn,in different parts of London.I was lucky in that I knew East London,went Clubbing...
It was a first attempt of making a uniformed "Look".The Mile End Boys wore these at West Ham - so the others knew which Mob they were..Most of them were Dockers
In the Book "Mods" by Richard Barnes.
Similar to Commando Boots,except the Soles were Black Rubber.Wore them myself.
This Jacket I can remember, from about `67/ `68.I Had one myself - though they were called by another Name(Streetwise),but for the Life of me,I cannot remember.
I have at last caught up.A lot of Pages have gone through,since I was on here last. A bit late but Congratulations M-o-M to you and your Missus.I`ve been married and lived long term within that time-scale. Oysters can be bought from Tube and Rail Stations(Machine only) or in Corner Shops that have the Logo showing.£5 or £10(is what I normally get) but you can go higher.Because I live in Essex,I can use my Bus Pass but have to pay for travel on Tube and...
Reading about Skinheads at School,reminded me when I was at School with Mods. It was 1964,there had been Bank Holiday trouble and Plans were being made for a Scooter Run for the next one.I was 14 and had become associated with the Mods at our School,I liked the Fashion and had already done a trip to Carnaby Street.There were also a lot of Greasers(and followers)at my Secondary Modern School.One became a Skinhead in later years.There was some fighting between the older...
There were some Mods who wore FPs( striped and plain) Collars outside of thin Crew Neck Jumpers,in `64,also some did the same with the knitted Polo Tops..This Style was again worn(with just FPs) about `67/`68.
DMS were not allowed at School nor the Crop either.Some Kids were expelled through that - this was when the Skinhead was at its peak in all the Papers etc.There was a High School in Guildford(cannot remember the Name now)where there were some smart Boys attending.Blazers and Trousers very clean and pressed,Hair was with a side-parting and they all wore Royals.
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