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I can remember first seeing a Navy Bomber Jacket - with Blue and White Stripes on the Collar and Cuffs,about `63/`64.If I remember correctly they were called Blue Beat Jackets.if you watch RSG-Vol.1,you will see that som e of the Crowd wearing T-Shirts and Shoes which are connected to the "Surf" Scene(even though it was not known as that).Lulu comes on in that Style - when she sang "Shout".So the answer to the Question is No.Pete Meaden was dressing them up as Mod(The...
We found that the French Girls were ok without the Fellas,but when they turned they would go all hoity toity.Did not want to be seen fraternising with the Enemy - I suppose.
When the French Students came over,they wore all different coloured Sweaters - if I remember correctly,the colour Dusky Pink seemed to be well liked.
I remember them and the French Girls looking good in them
To be honest,the person in the Ad does not do "Northern"dancing - he spins like a pedestrian(I cannot but you see those who do and they would laugh at his attempt).Both those Slogans were put up on walls etc.Such and such Boot Boys.
That is a sort of Show I would like listening to - a Mixture.
tYes,Clouseau,Carnaby Street certainly.It is certainly,a Levi Suede Jacket - could recognise the colour anywhere.The other Guy (wearing a Surfer Jacket)wearing suede Loafer style Shoeshey were very comfortable.Unfortunately,as I said at the time,another "Quadrophenia"style Revival.Do not get me wrong ,there are some pretty serious Mods that came on the back of that-but helluva a lot of bandwagon jumpers.Also,a lot of "trendies" who come and try to dance(normally to...
And the large Cravats,tied under the Collar(like a Tie).
Interesting Photo Clouseau.At about the time of the Photo,the Beau Brummell style came in-noticing the Shoes with the large Buckles.This was when the Double Breasted Jackets with Stand -up Colours(in Stripes and Velvet).The first Frilly Fronted Shirts came in.The Trousers were still a small Flare though.I thought I looked the D/Bs......
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