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Have read Reviews of the beforementioned Books,on Amazon.They seem to be in the same vein as Richard Allen,except these are based in Liverpool not London.Would that be a fair comment seventiessister ??
I was actually thinking along the same lines.....
Do not like them-full stop.
Nice looking Clarks Ed.
Very smart.
I like the Sketch Clouseau,were there others done ?
Hope to see you down there .
If you are about the Shoreditch Area this Sunday,come into the Horse And Groom Pub,28,Curtain Road,London EC2A 3NZ.There is an All dayer happening in which myself and Mr.Biggs will be spinning Ska,Rocksteady and Reggae.We start the proceedings off at 1pm and then it is mainly 60s/70s Soul through until 11pm.Adm. is Free and there will be Jamaican Food on offer. Don`t stay in,come and join us !!
New Posts  All Forums: