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Hello Tom OConnor welcome to the Forum.
Exactly Kingstonian.
One of my all time favourites,alongside "Landlords And Tenants"-Laurel Aitken and "At The Dark End Of The Street" by Pat Kelly.Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeees!!!!
Halfway through my Set,two Djs played a British R&B Set in the Lounge.You had more common names spun then-The Rolling Stones,The Who,Long John Baldry etc.,etc.The only problem is you move and you will lose your seats or stand in a crowded Bar.This was the first time it was on,and going by the reaction it is permanent.
I didn't really comment on the music played at the Ad-Lib club, but much of it (not browniecj's) fell into your last two categories. Some of it was very obscure (to me) but it didn't really spoil my enjoyment - although Mrs Knightley took brownie to task for not playing / getting the other DJs to play some more familiar sounds. I suppose I was expecting some from Randy Cozens mod 100 and perhaps the odd bit of Stax / Atlantic / Motown. I think Roy has mentioned before...
Well done.I think the old part of Lincoln is worth a visit-the only problem is,it`s up a steep hill.
I would have said the same M-o-m,but when I looked at the fuzzy photo from 1967(inside "The History Of The Twisted Wheel")I thought different.There,in Manchester were a group of Mods who had the same "Look" and some of them had a No.4-as I did in `67.It was uncanny.I have always stated that,in `67,a tidal wave hit right across Britain and the "Look" that ended up being Skinhead-was born then.
Thanks Mr Knightley.good to see yourself and your Lady Wife last night.Hope you had a good journey home !!
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