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When the French Students came over,they wore all different coloured Sweaters - if I remember correctly,the colour Dusky Pink seemed to be well liked.
I remember them and the French Girls looking good in them
To be honest,the person in the Ad does not do "Northern"dancing - he spins like a pedestrian(I cannot but you see those who do and they would laugh at his attempt).Both those Slogans were put up on walls etc.Such and such Boot Boys.
That is a sort of Show I would like listening to - a Mixture.
tYes,Clouseau,Carnaby Street certainly.It is certainly,a Levi Suede Jacket - could recognise the colour anywhere.The other Guy (wearing a Surfer Jacket)wearing suede Loafer style Shoeshey were very comfortable.Unfortunately,as I said at the time,another "Quadrophenia"style Revival.Do not get me wrong ,there are some pretty serious Mods that came on the back of that-but helluva a lot of bandwagon jumpers.Also,a lot of "trendies" who come and try to dance(normally to...
And the large Cravats,tied under the Collar(like a Tie).
Interesting Photo Clouseau.At about the time of the Photo,the Beau Brummell style came in-noticing the Shoes with the large Buckles.This was when the Double Breasted Jackets with Stand -up Colours(in Stripes and Velvet).The first Frilly Fronted Shirts came in.The Trousers were still a small Flare though.I thought I looked the D/Bs......
Not all Mods were Skinheads either roytonboy.We have seen this in past Photos - they went to Football but not with shaved heads.
Clouseau,I am not PC that is for sure.
Interesting Stories etc.,but lets keep Politics out.
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