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Bella Emberg and Queenie Watts two of the best-what Women Comediennes have we now( apart from those two twats on "The Great British Bake Off") ???
Saw Anita Harris on Lorraine yesterday"Monday" and she still looked good.Could not stand her Records though !!
I used to like Susan Maughan,now she was a Looker !!
Good little Clip.
Glad to be of service Mate.....
You are right about more local Dos,con man,I have been to more in Essex this year than before(with of course some in London having a Jamaican Room as well-RnB123 for one).
unfortunately I enjoyed "Mods" by Richard Barnes.Now that I have read both "Sawdust Caesers" and "Mod-The New Religion" I can now fully see the extent of that Scene.When you are involved in something you never really see the full picture-you are just enjoying the small section that you are involved in.Reading about Mods from other areas of Britain is refreshing-seeing they did exactly what you did,without telepathy. Whenever Media were about,we went the other...
Unfotunately,I am going to miss this one-it clashes with The Ad-Lib.Are you going to any of the Dos in Southend next year con man?
This Photo is great.Sleeveless Cardigans were worn in the 60s but not too many Photos of them.Thank-you Clouseau.
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