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You little smoothy,M-o-M.If I had done that,it would have been a right hander....
Just my tuppence worth-The Mile End Boys used to wear Donkey Jackets when they went to West Ham(about `68).I had one given to me, so bloody handy for work.
The Author is being discredited(I believe)for some of the Statements he made-in "Friday On My Mind",by those who were there.Interesting you used to go to the Ricky Tick in Hounslow.
I had a pair of those Shoes back then-they were a spin off from the Desert Boots.Very comfortable.
An Excerpt from "Sawdust Caesers" regarding `65 Troubles on Bank Holiday.It sort of goes with the "Hounslow Mod" Picture(with the Braces). All the Hard Lads had short hair with a neat parting,Fred Perry,Levi Jeans and Clark`s Desert Boots I noticed a gang of Hounslow boys grouped up.Hard Cases,the lot of them. Tommy Roach who together with his band of miscreants had arrived by train. The theory that all the Mods arrived by Scooter has now been challenged.Also,the...
Sorry,fcking Computer is playing up.
Wore Braces with Greens-not too many times afterwards(only had one pair).Never wore Braces with a Suit-threw the Line of the Suit out.
I had one pair of Braces(which I wore with the Greens)after that no.Never wore them with a Suit-because it threw the line of the Suit out.Only other time was about `71/`72 when we wore them under White Coats(Butchers) and rolled the Trousers up slightlly higher than we did before.We had Shoulder Length Hair and Patterned Shirts.A kind of "throwback" really but you always knew who was in the "Trade".
It has but always good to read.As I have said previously,I used to visit the Top Rank with my Penfriend(she lived in Rickmansworth). .
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