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Whats your opinion on the quality of Dita Sunglasses?
Kind of disappointed that these are "imported". The Capital E's that I had at this price range were made in USA.
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Someone post a pic ... cannot access the tube at work
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 wow, there's some very gruesome pictures of this girl on the internet. Most disturbing is the one where half of her skull is gone and brain/blood all over the place. There is hair... everywhere. And people say Saw is gratuitous, movies don't compare
Any opinions on TAG Heuer frames / lenses. I was thinking of getting a pair. How are they quality wise / durability wise? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan Are you sure they wanted to do that because i thought they wanted to drop him like the England National team did... There are soooo many players that i would say are better players than beckham for example the whole brazilian national team... Heres the link on Real Madrid http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/foot...pe/6739101.stm And the one on the national...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn What?!? You don't know anything about football, do you? And no, not the kind you play with your feet. Ditto on the "Beckham what? I still don't give a shit about soccer." Of course I know about American football. Judging by the way you talk about soccer it seems you have something against the sport. Quote: Originally Posted by ghulkhan I dont think Beckham will revitalize soccer...
Right now America is the world leader in entertainment making a good amount of decent movies, tv shows and video games. But has been notably lacking in sport, hopefully Beckhams arrival will be the first of many and finally revitalizing the sports in America.
Quote: Originally Posted by benecios I need some help here.How does scoring 14 goals all season in a league you are well established in warrant £26m? It was only £20m, he's still young very marketable and only £3m more than Bent who seems to have a big ego as I heard he was demanding 100k a week before, where as Torres took a pay cut.
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