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You're bang on in the global IB market! I just read 40,000 banking and analyst jobs were being cut by the big banks. We've been isolated from that in Calgary and Saskatoon given the oil & gas sector focus. For those writing their CFA, study hard! Last year there was approx. 120,000 writers, most ever, and the pass rate was lowest ever with 38%. Lots of displaced analysts, bankers and corp. fi. professionals trying to get an advantage in the marketplace.
Exactly, a shit life! A friend is an Analyst and she starts around 5am and sometimes is catching the last train home at midnight! Would hate to be an analyst!
Nothing has changed. Still run models and pitch ideas. Lots of companies, even more bankers.
Very true! Work long hour, but you're right, don't do any deal chasing!
I honestly wish you success in what you do. Just focus your efforts on landing a finance related role to get some experience! There's a lot of good advice here, and some bullshit from those who have no clue, just listen to what's positive here! Do an MBA or CFA, the latter opens the most finance related doors.
There are tons of engineers who make it in banking! Its actually well respected in the Calgary IB world.
Assuming you're in banking i would immediately question your level of success. Think about it feom this angle, if you want fat large pay days, you better be hungry for deals because there's dozens of other banks with their bankers who'll eat your lunch! Simple as that! No hard work, no big pay cheque or bonus.
As an IBanker i can confirm how tough the industry is to get into. If you don't have an MBA from a top school or a CFA you have a tough slug ahead of you. The hours as an associate are unbearable and really for the young! Prepare to sleep under your desk at times when the managing director is changing the pitch book or deal metrics. Once you're in its a fast paced world and if you love the art of the deal, this is the world for you. If you're in it for the money then you...
Wow! Such nice shirts! With the huge selection of white shirts, what is the nicest, best quality, most stunning bright white shirt at the most reasonable price? There's so many they all look the same! Also, i googled "custom dress shirts" and after 4 pages i gave up...with exception of this site, i would have never found you!
As long as your belt is a matching color to your shoes the color will work. I see a lot of people with light brown shoes and dark belts...but to pull your outfit together make sure the belt is a matching color. I have a pair of Cole Haan shoes that are similar color to what you have and I have work them with black pants, matching brown color belt, and a blazer with brown striping. That's my 2 cents. Those AE shoes are VERY nice!!! Good pickup!
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