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Yeah, I read the thread closer after... a collab w/ their UK distributor, Giles. My bad is doing a collab with OSB, but they're mum on the details - should come out soon... The guy is hinting it might be a trail oxford, but it's not clear. Def seems like something new and limited run. They have a thread in the footwear section of their forums I've been following for a while
I searched and didn't see anything on this. I just picked up a Filson 257 in Otter Green on for $213... The order went through, I'll update when/if it ships and goes through. If it does at that price, it's the best deal I've found on it ^^
Has anyone been to the one in Albertville, MN? Not sure if it's mostly 346 or what. I'm thinking of making the drive from Minneapolis just for the heck of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara i'm a poor college student looking to buy my first pair of dress shoes, and i'm not sure where to start, just that i'm not interested in the 30$ walmart monstrosities that i see most people my age wearing. anyone have any recommendations on where to start? Forum search a bit - that question is asked daily. Used can be an option?
Re: Indochino, there's a huge thread in the forums, try searching
Get me one of everything
I thought a bit racy was it turning into a bit of a pick-up place or something. Sheesh. Glad I wasn't at work
Sale went up @ midnight on the website. Mcalister down to $250, which is nice. Also, almost all accessories are on sale - dress belts, shoe trees, etc... nice sale, wish there were more shoes on it. Wanted to cop the Walnut strands, but might do mcalisters at that price.
By regular, you mean totally true to size, not vanity? First experience w/BB for me. Eg: I'm a real 34 on dress pants when I'm measured, but I often wear a 32 in most OTR jeans/pants (even Mason's, I've found). Thanks
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