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At one time it was a pretty solid Napa cab with good aging potential. According to friends in the business, at some point Justin Meyer decided he wanted to make some $$, so they started buying the cheapest grapes they could and basically started "manufacturing" wine at high volume. They went from a boutique making a few thousand cases a year, to now making around 100K cases per year. They've managed to hold on to the "boutique" perception for people who buy CA cab on...
If that's really Silver Oak, then there's at least one positive thing to come out of this quake.
I really like your sister's dress.
I went to L'atelier Joel Robuchon in London. It was pretty good.
This seems like win/win to me.
whats the difference between dark chocolate and bitter chocolate?
I come in to the city from Princeton a probably an average of once a week, maybe a little less than that. I don't mind that frequency, but I don't think I could do it every day.
I've never noticed this. Maybe I don't walk enough.
I frequently struggle with this also.
I really like the Borgogno Langhe Nebbiolo, it's pretty reliable. What's the bianco, Arneis?
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