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+1. I've had a few that were nice sippers, but nothing memorable and I've had lots of 1er Crus, etc. Just not something that has ever interested me.
Just like the President's foreign policy, amirite?????
You're right, it is amazingly horrible.
That is horrible.
Actually since the early 80s. Do you think people might want to know something about the wines you drank, other than what the bottles looked like? Were they good? What was your impression of them?
Those are really great pictures.
98 was a challenging vintage.
Nice picture.
No I meant they jacked the price of the Napa cab from like $30 to $75 or something like that. I don't remember what the starting price was, I just remember the outrage at the magnitude of the increase. Cynicism increased when they also released a 1998 Special Selection, which was a crap vintage. I'm not sure why people were outraged at that, I think they'd only skipped a couple of vintages prior to that, but still, people started piling on Wagner after that. I doubt he...
New Posts  All Forums: