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Two ties, on the left wool challis, the right, silk. ~60 inches long, ~ 3.25 inches in width, unlined. $75 includes shipping to US & Canada via USPS. Both SOLD.
Lots of Cappelli ties. All are ~ 60 inches in length, 3.5 inches in width, lined, self tipped. All ties are 100% silk. $70 each. Will ship to US and Canada via USPS. Payment via PayPal please. Tie #1 Olive-ish green - SOLD Tie #2 Bue with light blue flowers - SOLD Tie #3 Red - SOLD Tie #4 Brown with blue flowers - SOLD Tie #5 Blue with Brown - SOLD Tie #6 Blue with red and gold circles - SOLD Tie #7 Lt green with red - SOLD Tie #8 Blue with brown/gold - SOLD Tie #9,...
Regardless of provenance, the wine could still be corked and thus flawed. I think allowing the customer to taste it prior to pouring for all diners makes sense.
I am meh on fish, which is why I am so impressed with the place. Every single thing we had Sat night was perfect, not a single clunker or off note, and I can't think of many meals like that in my life. I don't really like seafood, but LB is one of my favorite restaurants and I will eat there any time I can.
Sort of. The reservations for counter seating come available two weeks to the day you want to eat at 10 am. It was pretty painless. I agree Chang seems like a dick and a drunk, but I have to say I've had almost nothing but fantastic experience at his joints and in spite of his celebrity, he seems to be on top of his shit. Or someone in his organization is. The only Momofuku outlet (I've been to DC, several in NY, and Toronto) I've visited that has been uneven has been...
I had an early dinner at Le Bernardin. It was perfect. Then I had a later dinner at Momofuku Ko. It was pretty good. I was kind of full.
A fucking men.
I hate it and have been thinking of getting them to change it in the suits that have it.
I have a suit in Smith's Finnmeresco and it's both heavy and hot. I actually think the tailor made the suit out of the wrong weight of the pattern I wanted. It's also lined with silk, which I find to be relatively hot as well.
What did you think of the JP Brun and the Edmund St John?
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