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I got mine late this past winter, so only wore it three times, but I didn't find it unbearably hot, and I am generally hot natured, breaking out in to a sweat with alarming frequency. Maybe I have a thyroid problem.
I don't think I have ever had a "great" wine from Washington State.
Naked Pizza plus Dashe Zin. And I know everyone here loves Zin.
I had a mag of 90 Fontaloro about six months ago and it was really wonderful.
Is the Fox LL flannel too heavy? I have a suit made up in it and love it, but it is heavy, 17 oz I think.
It's good, I've eaten there half a dozen times and think it's the best restaurant in town. They were having AC problems during the heatwave, which is probably why they were closed.Tonight the 96 Ridge Montebello: astonishingly youthful at 17 years old, this has a long way to go. Fruit, acid, and tannin in balance, looking forward to checking in on this in five, ten, twenty years.
Try Mistral next time, BYOB and the food is pretty good.
Me too. Blind tastings are humbling experiences. The only thing I know for sure, is what I like.
Armstrong redwood preserve is in Guerneville.
I lived in Marin for five years and the commute was actually one of the best parts of the day. A five minute drive to the ferry, a half hour ferry ride, pick up breakfast in the ferry terminal, five minute walk to the office. Very civilized and a great way to wake up/decompress. I loved it.
New Posts  All Forums: