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I had a fantastic meal at Convivial last month. I also like Blue Duck Tavern.
Thank you.
Has anybody had one of the LL Piuma's made up?
This describes most of the commenters to the article.Are there any good restaurant critics? I read a few sites and like the Infatuation reviews, but the Eater folks, especially those insufferable Eater Upsell assholes, are just not people I can take seriously.
Am I the only one who thinks the pants in those pics don't fit particularly well? They look too small.
The liabilities don't include what's owed to the IRS or the State Franchise tax board either. I always thought there was something off about that place.
I think it is, but it's hard to say. I'll spend several hours with this bottle, I didn't have that much time with the 90. This is how I prefer to drink a wine like this.
This is pretty good. Open about an hour and a half, putting on weight as it opens. Very aromatic, a good bottle, clearly the Wine of the Year.
Probably the same place. They've had several different storefronts in the east bay. It's going to be a shit show and there are going to be some really unhappy Chinese guys soon.
By the way, is anybody following the Premier Cru (the bay area wine retailer) saga? I bought wine from this place occasionally when I lived in the bay area, but always had a bad feeling about them. They took forever to deliver, in one case I took wines on hand after waiting a year for wines I'd purchased to arrive. I found them to be awful people in the storefront, arguing about wines that were obviously corked, and basically just being assholes. I never got their...
New Posts  All Forums: