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is a black transvestite hooker going to show at my house?
I haven't, but why wouldn't you?
I find them to be high too, but the 50% off sale put them at $100/oz, which wasn't too bad relative to Eataly.
Is anybody else getting the sense that white truffles aren't flying off the shelves this year? I get 'sale' emails from Urbani weekly, recently 50% off. They do this throughout the season typically, but this year it seems much more frequent with much greater discounts. What gives?
WUURLSTAR!!!!!! ETA: Also, I think you meant to post this in the "Reasons why NY is awesome" thread.
Thanks for letting us all know.
In "Heat" Bill Buford talks about the Brasato al Barolo or whatever at Babbo and says Batali basically uses some cheap jug wine for that dish.
I have never had a wine from New England. What grapes are grown there?
Maybe he's a surgeon and is just prepared? DID YOU THINK OF THAT????
Pants is one thing I think NSM does really well. At least the cut and fit.
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