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Gray Davis says hello. Seriously, I have no idea what the process for recall is in NY, if there is one, but I lived in CA when Davis was recalled and I still can't believe that happened.
Any thoughts on the lifting of the embargo?
What's up with that Palmer label?
I love this show, though the most recent season was a fucking dumpster fire.
Is that tteplitz or whatever his name is from the LL?
I, um, dated a bartender once and learned few things. First, never talk about the bartender when you're sitting at the bar. No matter how far away she is, she can hear every single thing you say. Second....... okay that's the only thing I really learned from her. She is now a prison guard. Hot, right?
Date: Yes. Marry: no. Actually, date is probably the wrong verb.
Are you giving us tasting notes on orange juice? You should start a separate thread.
I've only eaten there once and had a fantastic meal, not sure why I've not been back. Seems like tables are easy to get.
He's probably on a ledge somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: