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I don't think she has any choice. I think there are three reasons why he doesn't have a higher profile: First, his stature, likeability diminishes her; in contrast she is shrill and perceived to be an incompetent coat tail rider, which she is. Second, he tends to openly antagonize Obama, which is potentially problematic for Hillary. Third, if he talks about/reminds voters of his presidential record, that makes him look like Barry Goldwater compared to Hillary, so the...
I too researched prior to visiting and went the route of speaking to the server, provided some guidelines and let him order for us (I was with my kids so I couldn't get too crazy). I also made a reservation, which was pretty painless. Some of the reviews I read were funny in that people went there and ordered the standard stuff they'd get at their neighborhood Thai place: pad thai, satay, etc and were disappointed. Northern Thai is their specialty (which I don't know...
That looks great. What is the fabric?
Absolutely. If you like to eat, it's a must in Vegas. Probably in the shittiest strip mall in the world, but the food is out of this world. ETA: it also has one of the best winelists I have seen, especially if you like German Riesling.
A few wines over the last week. 1997 Jamet Cote Rotie - not a great vintage, yet still a well made and enjoyable wine. Light in body, wonderful aromatics, petered out about two hours in. 2013 Jamet Cotes du Rhone - great representation of Northern Rhone Syrah. Great aromatics, straightforward, an hour in an strong thyme note. A case buy and a go to wine. 1994 Ridge Montebello - always amazed at how youthful these wines are, even in this case at 20+ years. Still...
I dated a girl once who had one of these.I renounce myself.
I'm not sure that's actually true, or at least not in the way you probably mean. There might be a handful of things that aren't online, but in my experience most of what he has is on the site. He might have things that are 'end of bin' type items, or silks/wools that are new that haven't been posted yet, but that's generally only a few things at a given time. Regardless, you should definitely visit him if you can.
I think this is one of the more ridiculous complaints I've read on SF and that is quite an achievement. But maybe I need to think my tie enjoyment rankings.
I too am outraged by this.
It's not a totally different animal. Moonbeam is both of those things, but lighter and cheaper. And at its weight it's warm enough. I can't imagine that blend at a higher weight. I wore my moonbeam jacket today and was a bit warm. I think venividivicibj was pretty much spot on with his assessment.
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