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You need a pedicure.
Getting ready for LSU-Florida with the 89 Montrose. An hour in it's everything I want in a wine: the nose is saturating the room, it's got fruit, it's got secondary characteristics, it's in a word, beautiful.
I'm not even wearing pants. Actually, I just ordered two fresco suits from LH. I seem to have my seasonal ordering pattern screwed up.
[[SPOILER]] That wine is always solid and real bargain.
I have 3.5 meters of the tobacco brown fresco available, pm if interested. I'm going to be traveling for the next couple of days but I will get back to you.
I would go to Palmina. If you like California wines and Italian varietals, they do that combo better than anyone else. Solid wines across the board.
That was cool, thanks for sharing. The shoulder treatment on the jacket he is wearing is pretty extreme, at least relative to the things they've made for me.
That is awesome David, enjoy!
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