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I don't buy them because they are too wide.
This is really neat.
David Petraeus says hey.
Is that a hernia on the left side? He needs a truss.
The blue flannel is the one I meant. I was thinking of it as jacketing. I'm ok with one off odd jackets, less so with suits.
The one cloth I wish would be remade is the LL triple check. That one is unlike any I have seen and I'm not really sure why it hasn't been re-run as people seem to ask for it regularly.
Well that would be kind of awkward.
I have a few LL cloths and have had three made up. I wish I hadn't as I think they're expensive and they're largely impractical. I think they're great if you've already got a well rounded wardrobe and need or want some real niche fabrics. That's what I think they are. As others have said, even in standard more conservative patterns, the weight is ridiculous and renders any garment made from it an occasional piece. I also don't understand the fixation on overly large...
I had a fantastic meal at Convivial last month. I also like Blue Duck Tavern.
Thank you.
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