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I really like the Borgogno Langhe Nebbiolo, it's pretty reliable. What's the bianco, Arneis?
That sucks Mike, especially such a sentimental bottle. I have a keypad lock on the cellar, maybe I'm just paranoid.
We should have a necrophilic/wino evening and drink a bunch of these old wines. I have a 68 BV Burgundy, and some early 90's Mondavi Reserves. It could be epic. Or fucking terrible.
Assuming a sound bottle, I'd expect this to be a solid example of a claret style wine. It probably won't change your life, but if you like the style, you'll like this. I'm having a 2005 Rochioli Little Hill Pinot Noir and it's a wonderful example of how good well made Russian River Valley pinot noir can be.
Well that's what I heard.
Gomestar loves nutty brown Champagne. The nuttier and browner the better.
I agree. The Chassagne Montrachet La Romanee is a wonderful wine.
Jadot makes alot of wine, I mean a lot of fucking wine. Many of them are actually really good.
I have 3.5 meters of the Slewfoot brown fresco available. If anyone is interested, please pm me.
Amen, heading to the redneck riviera next Tuesday and can't wait.
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