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I lived in Marin for five years and the commute was actually one of the best parts of the day. A five minute drive to the ferry, a half hour ferry ride, pick up breakfast in the ferry terminal, five minute walk to the office. Very civilized and a great way to wake up/decompress. I loved it.
I went to a tasting a few months ago for a bunch of Vallana wines, a half dozen or so from the 50s and 60s. The tasting was hosted by Marina and Francis Vallana (two of the grandchildren of Antonio Vallana) who provided a great context for the wines and their family's history. I was amazed at how youthful and fresh the wines were, even at half a century. This was the first time I'd had nebbiolo from Alto Piemonte and after the tasting picked up a case of the 2004...
Congrats on the marriage, and the cigar, it's one of my favorites.
I'm ordering my fresco shorts now. What do you think would be the proper weight?
My meal at Meadowood was a lot more straightforward than yours sounds, which personally I prefer. I don't really enjoy theatrical dining. Unless Manton wants to perform a few show tunes, which I enjoy.
Well they're no Boulette's Larder, that's for sure.
I had dinner at Meadowood a couple of years ago on the advice of a very fat restauranteur from Tennessee, who I ran into at Dean and Deluca and had an impromptu chat with. He told me he comes to Napa once a year and eats his way through the valley. It was his opinion at the time that the cooking at Meadowood was approaching FL levels but at about a third the cost. Based on my one meal there, I'd say he was pretty spot on. I found the cooking to be great, the menu...
His jacket seems longer than the modern Neapolitan style. He looks great.
That looks like Cajun boudin? Is it? If so, where'd you get it?
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