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I've done business with several tailors/vendors in Naples and Patrizio is head and shoulders above the rest. He's responsive, straightforward, and provides exceptional customer service. Not just exceptional for Naples, but exceptional in absolute terms. Most importantly the quality of his product is top notch, I've never had a problem with any tie he's ever made for me and I probably have a few dozen. He's a gentleman and he's got great taste.
Looks soooo tender.
I'm not sure how much flexibility there is on the width of knit ties. I don't think they're made in the same way as wool or silk. I visited with Patrizio a couple of years ago and if I recall correctly, he told me that knit ties are made by a machine very similar to that used to make socks, so the tie comes out essentially as a tube, and you cut it to the length you want, close the ends, etc. I may be way off here, but I'm not certain it's as easy to customize the width...
Grifters would be appropriate if this were being done on the sly, covertly without the victims becoming aware until after the fact. It gives her too much credit. The results are good for her, clearly, but it's being done quietly openly for anyone paying attention. It's really remarkable.
Competence is not a word I associate with Hillary. In fact I struggle to think of any real accomplishments she owns not associated with being married to Bill Clinton. Except maybe being corrupt. She's pretty good at that. Everything else, not so much.
I really like Austrian rieslings and can't think of a bad wine from any of them. Hirsch, Brundlemeyer, Nikholaihof, Jamek, Knoll, Nigl, most make wines across the price spectrum. Hirsch is probably the best value. These are generally crisp, dry white wines with nice acid levels, which I prefer. Nigl also makes a cracking sauvignon blanc.
Nice pic!
I don't buy them because they are too wide.
This is really neat.
David Petraeus says hey.
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