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I owned a 2000 M Roadster for a couple of years and wish I'd never sold that car. It was simple to maintain, comfortable for a small two seater, wasn't overly 'electronic', and deceptively fast. (I know it was supposed to be fast, but I laughed at a lot of Boxster drivers who pulled up next to me and wanted to race).
I would go to Tablas for sure, Turley (big zins, but such a wide range of wines I think it would be an interesting experience), TH Estate (formerly Hoage).
Are those the ones that look like corrective shoes? I remember my first pair of shoes.......mama said they's magic shoes....
Why wouldn't he? Owning a winery is a lot like owning your own restaurant. It can be a fairly large capital commitment to sell a product with lumpy cash flows, that can be highly variable and vintage dependent. I don't know the details of the transaction, but it would seem that now, he gets a pile of cash, likely still has a lot of control over the direction of the winery, and has a shit ton of resources at his disposal that he didn't have before, with little to no...
Are you running wine through the plumbing in your house?
That looks awesome. What's the diagonal across the top?
Thank you, I'm going to try that. Do you wash them with water or do you just brush the dirt off them?
Any less 'skill intensive' suggestions for fresh morel mushrooms? Had morel mushrooms on toast with shaved foie gras Sunday that was fantastic, which inspired me to track some down. I'm short on foie at the moment, so I'm looking for something simple.
Wholesale on that car is 9-10K, so that's quite a premium he's seeking.
I worked in the SF FiDi for ten years and there were always homeless people around, most clearly mentally ill, but it's much worse now. I visited in October for the first time in a few years and was appalled at how much things have degraded. I saw at least half a dozen drug deals conducted openly in the street and packs of homeless people on every single block around the tenderloin living in what looks like a sidewalk version of a shanty town.
New Posts  All Forums: