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Don't forget the orange shirt and hat.
Also, I think they put the label on upside down.
Access to Kermit's shop is one of the handful of things I miss about living in the bay area.
This was posted on Parker's board and not surprisingly there were a bunch of responses about how Kermit is a fossil, his time has passed, etc. It was amusing.
You need a pedicure.
Getting ready for LSU-Florida with the 89 Montrose. An hour in it's everything I want in a wine: the nose is saturating the room, it's got fruit, it's got secondary characteristics, it's in a word, beautiful.
I'm not even wearing pants. Actually, I just ordered two fresco suits from LH. I seem to have my seasonal ordering pattern screwed up.
[[SPOILER]] That wine is always solid and real bargain.
I have 3.5 meters of the tobacco brown fresco available, pm if interested. I'm going to be traveling for the next couple of days but I will get back to you.
New Posts  All Forums: