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The two madders and the two challis ties are not on the website, they were chosen from pictures Patrizio sent to me. The solid navy ties is A6, the next twill is ZZZD1, and the green tie is ZZZN8. All are three fold, unlined, and I think 3.5 or 3.25 inches, I can't remember the width off hand.
Sandlands is awesome. The Chenin in particular is a wonderful wine. It's made like a white burg, really unusual. I've had most of what he makes and they've been solid across the board. Great values too.
From left to right: madder, madder, challis, challis, twill, twill, twill.
Just arrived.
To higher end/more expensive wines, basically beyond stuff they bought at the supermarket.
Mark I bet Silver Oak was a gateway wine for a lot of people.
I think at one time, in the 80s and early 90s they were reasonably well made wines. But somewhere along the way Justin Meyer decided he wanted to make a lot of money and he really ramped up production, and I think quality became secondary. They have a reputation for buying subpar fruit and essentially making the wine in a lab. They've done a fantastic job building their brand, but I really don't care for the wine.
Is there anything below Silver Oak?
She should be sweeping the floors in a prison.
This has come up many times in recent years and the consensus is generally that Moonbeam is not suitable for pants.
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