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It's over. Rubio and Kasich fucked Cruz and the country, hello Madame President.
Lulz. http://twitchy.com/2016/03/12/shes-easily-confused-hillary-clinton-calls-out-bernie-sanders-and-it-backfires-badly/
Thank you.
Are those shoes Vass?
I agree with you and have found most of the fabrics to be impractical despite living in a relatively cold climate. Many of them are really beautiful, but only get worn once or twice a winter.
I can't remember all of the points, but the best summation of Hillary's server scandal was something like this: There is no server Okay, there is a server, but no classified material passed through it Okay, some classified information passed through it, but it wasn't marked classified when it passed through Okay, some was classified when it was passed through, but we didn't know it was classified Okay, we knew it was classified, but we didn't remove the classified...
She fell and hit her head in 2012 and there has been extensive speculation that she was concussed and also had a blood clot, and that these have impacted her cognitive abilities. There have been lots of reports of her looking frail on the campaign trail and that she's micromanaged beyond what one might expect of a presidential candidate, due to her poor health.
She is absolutely an awful candidate. She's shrill and unlikeable. Any time she is subjected to actual questions and followups she looks horrible. She and the press have a script and any deviations from that script are problematic for her. I also think she has serious health problems.
The Drapers Lady San Felice & Flannels book has the smaller scale version.
I don't think this is true. Polls showed that Trump was capturing a larger portion of Evangelicals than Cruz. I think there are a lot of conservatives who support Cruz that aren't Evangelicals. The closed primary states should be very interesting.
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