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WHO??? WHO doesn't want to wear the rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiibon??????
97 wasn't a good year in CdP.
Grange is a fascinating wine. It can be incredibly manipulated, ages forever, and doesn't really taste like shiraz. I went to a tasting about ten years ago with Rolf Binder and Michael Twelftree where fifteen or so vintages were poured, some going back to the sixties. I was amazed at how youthful the wines were, how open Binder was about the various manipulations (adding tannin, adding acid, etc), and how good the wines really were. It's not something I have ever...
My recollection is a bit foggy, but I believe Foo made a lot of specific requests on that particular jacket. In fact that may be his first commission, which was a one button set up that he later had recut or something. So that particular jacket may be more a reflection of his requests than any house stylings, and hence might explain why it looks so different from the others.
I agree with this.
The rain yesterday really did suck. It wasn't particularly hard but it was almost impossible to stay dry.
LOL, thanks for the laugh. It would be even funnier if I didn't have half the people in this thread on my block list.
I have not, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it tastes a lot like....alcohol.
His online shop seems to be down at the moment.
Is she in Naples? Did you do it there, or does she travel?
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