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I have never had a wine from New England. What grapes are grown there?
Maybe he's a surgeon and is just prepared? DID YOU THINK OF THAT????
Pants is one thing I think NSM does really well. At least the cut and fit.
This is the way to do it. Have them measure you wherever, but do your fitting in Naples. If you can't, or won't do that, I would suggest using another tailor. As Foo points out, having the cutter there for the fitting is key. I've used a handful of tailors, and the best results are those where the cutter was directly involved (Rubinacci, Steed, Formosa).
I've never understood this either. It wouldn't be hard, and wouldn't take much effort, particularly for restaurants around NYC.
Careful you don't sprain your vagina.
This could be an epic thread.
Is/was Brandi Newman a man?
If you are a pimp I totally agree.
+1. I've had a few that were nice sippers, but nothing memorable and I've had lots of 1er Crus, etc. Just not something that has ever interested me.
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