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So what happened with this? All gone already or hasn't been put up yet?
I lived in the bay area for the better part of ten years, working in the fidi and there was always a healthy bum population in that part of town. I just spent the last four days in the city and the situation is markedly worse than when I lived there. There are now packs of bums on seemingly every single block, and they are as gross and aggressive as ever. I also saw at least half a dozen drug deals going down. A beautiful location ruined by a disgusting city. Spent a...
This is complete horseshit.
Last night: 1997 Rochioli Cabernet Sauvignon. Tasted like ~20 year old RRV Cabernet. Today: 2005 Ridge Montebello. It's awesome. Also: Ridge 2007 Geyserville Zinfandel Essence, late harvest zin, beautifully balanced and just a wonderful dessert wine.
1990 Montrose is pretty good.
Hah, I did the same thing. I was hoping for a restock of the red v neck.
I'd assume any business in southern Italy is closed for the month of August.
Those are pretty awesome.
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