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+1, I have several pairs and they are the best casual shoes I own. I wish they were more widely available in the US.
Whachoo got against cornbread breh?
Ok, I laughed.
It's a light, fruity, bubbly quaffer. Not to be confused with a light, fruity, bubbly queefer.
I love that wine in the summertime.
It was the WOTN for me. The PL was just okay, it wasn't a great bottle, and we didn't get to the Margaux.
Among others, we'll be having: 82 Pichon Lalande, 83 Margaux, 89 Chave, and a 2007 Ridge Late Harvest Zin with a couple of chocolate desserts.
I thought Blue Hill in the city was fucking terrible in every way and wouldn't go back there at gunpoint.
I think that looks pretty good.
Thanks, this is helpful. I have the Bouchon recipe and was going to use that. I assume the yolks need to be beaten?
New Posts  All Forums: