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I think the real question is: what does Gennaro Paone think about bay area real estate?????
The colors of the photos may be off, but is that a brown suit with black shoes?
Eh, heat and humidity doesn't bother me, in fact, I kind of like it, at least more than this shit. I do generally hate old people though. I'll just avoid Phase II of Del Boca Vista and thus have a positive experience.
Florida is awesome. Fishing, golf, beaches, great infrastructure, no state income tax? Sign me up. New Orleans? Now that is a straight up shit hole.
I, and the wife and kids, can handle humidity, doesn't bother us. Snow days, and the resultant never ending school year, is far more problematic when considering marital health and household harmony. This is exacerbated by the fact that there are at least 3-4 half days/full days off per month due to 'teacher inservices' or some administrative bullshit.
No plans to at the moment, I was there speaking at a conference. But if I could do there what I do here, I would move tomorrow.
If this is the last gasp of winter, I think last year edges this one out for unpleasantness. It was butt assed cold well into April last year. That said, today fucking sucks. Maybe it's SAD, but it's looking less and less likely that Princeton will be our permanent home. I was in Miami Sun-Tuesday and well, that was quite nice.
I agree with this. All yoga pants are good. Problems begin when women try to put 40 lbs of ass into yoga pants with a 20 lb ass capacity.
Did you have extra fabric, or did you use the same fabric from a different bolt?I have been considering this. I had a chalk stripe suit made up and the tailor made the original jacket with patch pockets, which I didn't request or want. They remade the jacket, only for me to realize they had made the new jacket from the opposite side of the fabric from the pants, so they had to make it again. It's still a shit show, so I am considering just having someone else redo it.
That looks fantastic Slewfoot.
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