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98 was a challenging vintage.
Nice picture.
No I meant they jacked the price of the Napa cab from like $30 to $75 or something like that. I don't remember what the starting price was, I just remember the outrage at the magnitude of the increase. Cynicism increased when they also released a 1998 Special Selection, which was a crap vintage. I'm not sure why people were outraged at that, I think they'd only skipped a couple of vintages prior to that, but still, people started piling on Wagner after that. I doubt he...
I'm not sure they've had the increase in production from purchased grapes a la Silver Oak, but Chuck Wagner was the first owner to significantly increase prices year over year. I think it was the 97 vintage, that he priced at $75, up from the 30-40 range. People were outraged, and of course the rest of the industry followed suit. This was when solid every day drinkers from Napa could be had for under $20 (Beringer Knights Valley, Mondavi Napa, BV Rutherford, et al). I...
At one time it was a pretty solid Napa cab with good aging potential. According to friends in the business, at some point Justin Meyer decided he wanted to make some $$, so they started buying the cheapest grapes they could and basically started "manufacturing" wine at high volume. They went from a boutique making a few thousand cases a year, to now making around 100K cases per year. They've managed to hold on to the "boutique" perception for people who buy CA cab on...
If that's really Silver Oak, then there's at least one positive thing to come out of this quake.
I really like your sister's dress.
I went to L'atelier Joel Robuchon in London. It was pretty good.
This seems like win/win to me.
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