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I like CA cabs when they're not over the top. It's great to have a ripe, balanced wine made from Bordeaux varietals. There just aren't many made that way, and the few that are made that way are $150. Same for the Rhone varietals in CA. They could make a great CdR style wine, but when they try, it's $30, which is silly. Why buy that when I can get a real CdR that's very good for $15?
No doubt. $28 for moscato? I don't get Napa pricing. I mean I do, but I just think it's generally silly. I haven't had a lot of Napa wines I'd pay more than $50 for. In fact, I haven't had a lot of CA wines I'd pay more than $50 for. Montebello, Montelena, maybe some of the Rochioli wines, and a few others. Most of the things they do that I like are done better and cheaper by the Europeans. The one area they could have a price advantage, Bordeaux varietals, they...
I played nine holes before work yesterday and today. But I live in NJ, so maybe it doesn't count.
This seems like a contradiction.
Wheres the magic 8 ball guy when you need him???
Well we can't ALL dress like pimps!!!!
It's a good value if you get the fries and a drink with it. Even moreso if you supersize.
It really is. I wish he'd offered it for sale a week ago, I just ordered a suit in a tan Harrison's Mystique and would have given the Piuma a shot.
So is that what keeps the color from turning, a complete cooling? Or is the color change inevitable?
Well let's not start judging people for that now.
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