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Is she in Naples? Did you do it there, or does she travel?
Ridge now makes an estate cab that is essentially the second wine to Montebello. Chateau Montelena does something similar with their Napa Cab (vs Estate). Mt Eden makes the Domaine Eden wines, pinot and Cab. The pinot is very good. There are others, as I think of them I will edit.
Oh, wow, I totally missed that. Thanks!
To what is he referring at the end where he says something about the Loro Piana sale?
So much win.
I have a sudden urge to visit Easter Island.
They really are.
Carl is awesome, you on the other hand seem like a douche.
This guy actually had a SIGN in his cab taped to the back of the front passenger seat asking riders to pay cash because of the 5% credit card surcharge.
One of the things I hated most when I lived in the bay area was the taxi situation. I'm sure this has been covered frequently in this thread, but my hatred was reinforced today with my ride from the airport. I wanted to pay with a credit card so of course the driver asks if I can pay cash since he's going to be charged 5% blah blah blah. I told him i wanted to pay with a card and I paid with a card while he continued to fucking whine about it. If there's a market that...
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