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This is one of my all time favorite vintages of this wine.
The only really difference i see is price. Drakes construction is good, there is a lot of flexibility on widths and they have a bespoke program, and I'd argue their selection of silks/wool, etc is as good as, if not better than, any other maker. I get personal preferences, but the suggestion that they aren't comparable is silly. And say that as someone who owns more Cappelli ties than any other maker.
Really? I'd love to hear your reasoning.
Thank you!
Are there still two teams? I thought they merged.
Suggestions on best shops in Amsterdam, Zurich, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan? Any of these cities better than others to purchase a few boxes in terms of price/selection? I spent some time in Europe this summer and my experience was that London was the most expensive, Switzerland and Paris less expensive. I'm not sure if some countries generally have better pricing than others and would appreciate any suggestions.
How do you get the ravioli so plumped and tight? Do you use some kind of apparatus?
Boxes. Thanks, I'll try that.
Sorry if this has been asked before. What's the best way to store boxes of cigars if your humidor is at capacity? I could probably vacuum seal them and keep them in my cellar, or is there something else I should be doing? TIA.
One thing about those giant swatches, it's important to note if the pics on the site are of those ginormous swatches. I mistakenly assumed they were 'normal' sized and as a result was surprised at the actual scale of the pattern, i.e. it was much larger than I expected.
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