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Ah, gotcha. I thought you were saying that lobster from Maine was superior to all others.
Really? How so?
I'm not a fan of Sea Smoke but that is fucking El Oh El.
I had a couple that were already in progress and wanted to do a fitting in Naples, rather than with Luca in NY. So I needed to be in Naples and needed a place to stay, so asked if i could stay given I had a couple of things in progress and did that. They didn't finish them while I was there and I didn't expect them to. I guess I could have hung around a week or so to pick them up, but I didn't want to spend a week in Naples.
Yeah, that thread was epic. He is a bad ass. I mean as much as you can be a bad ass when you're a wine collecting lawyer from California.
My bad, edited to correct.
Thanks for posting that, it was a good read. A poster on Wine Berserkers, Don Cornwell, is one of the more knowledgable posters I’ve come across and he often posts fascinating information. He is a white Burg lover and hosts a series of wine dinners every Feb/March in Los Angeles where a group of wine collectors taste through a wide range of white Burgs. The purpose of the tasting is to monitor the incidence of premature oxidation across all the major producers and...
I've stayed at Casa Rubinacci and it is a really nice apartment (there are actually three I think, all in the same building). I've been to Naples several times, and it is was convenient to have a place to stay, but as others have pointed out, it's not going to offset the cost of a suit. I think we stayed there three nights maybe, I can't remember, but it was a nice benefit and relatively painless. I like Naples, but I can't imagine spending seven days there.
Have you ever considered going to Baton Rouge to meet with him and clearing up any misconceptions you might have?
The grey Formosa suit is/was listed as nailhead. Isn't that pattern birdseye?
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