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Yes, a few new suits and jackets over the last year. Will post pics soon.
Seems like the latest ties are noticeably narrower than previous iterations. Too narrow for me. Those look normal, 3.25 or so, is that right?
Jumping in on this new rig action. This is a brown, leaning toward charcoal, Lori Piana chalk stripe flannel, 90/10 wool cashmere mix. Lining is navy, pants are single pleat, side tabs, no back pockets, intending to wear with braces. One new detail is the curved front pockets. Most of my suits have "American pockets", slanted forward a bit from the seam. I didn't ask for this style, and I haven't seen it before. I do like it though.
I've been suffering from repetitive drinking injuries for quite some time now. I've not had those vintages;I think the 95 or 98 is the last vintage I've had. I may also be in the minority in not liking Krug Rose'.
Krug is pretty spendy. I haven't bought any vintage Krug in probably ten years. I don't really notice oak in Champagne, at least not the way you'd notice it in a still wine. In Champagne it tends to round the wine out and make it bigger in the mouth, if that makes sense. It's not as focused and sharp as non barrel fermented wines, but I think it adds a layer of complexity that I like, and I like the way it mellows as it ages.
I'm not sure anyone can answer that question for you in a meaningful way. I like Selosse, but I like barrel fermented Champagnes and think this approach adds another dimension to the wines. Some people don't care for the style. If you like Krug, Bollinger you may like Selosse. Whether or not it's worth it is solely up to you.
It's a shooting coat, the pockets are made to hold shotgun shells, that is why they are HUGE.
I'll take that as a 'no'.
Do you shoot?
I could use a recipe or suggestions for pheasant. I've got breasts and whole birds.
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