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I agree with this.
The rain yesterday really did suck. It wasn't particularly hard but it was almost impossible to stay dry.
LOL, thanks for the laugh. It would be even funnier if I didn't have half the people in this thread on my block list.
I have not, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say it tastes a lot like....alcohol.
His online shop seems to be down at the moment.
Is she in Naples? Did you do it there, or does she travel?
Ridge now makes an estate cab that is essentially the second wine to Montebello. Chateau Montelena does something similar with their Napa Cab (vs Estate). Mt Eden makes the Domaine Eden wines, pinot and Cab. The pinot is very good. There are others, as I think of them I will edit.
Oh, wow, I totally missed that. Thanks!
To what is he referring at the end where he says something about the Loro Piana sale?
So much win.
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