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This is why I quit using them.
Winebid is actually pretty good about provenance, at least in my experience. I've bought ~700 bottles from them over the last fifteen years or so and the number of tainted bottles I've bought that were 'off' for reasons other than TCA is probably less than a case, and that includes wines going back to the early 70s. You always take some risk when you buy at auction, but I've had a very good experience with Winebid.
Are you gonna pull those pistols or whistle Dixie?
Is that a PP 5107?
The 90 Montrose was a good bottle, not great. The better bottles I've had have had deeper fruit than this one, but it was still solid and showing some nice secondary characteristics. The PL was also more advanced than other bottles I've had. It was more on the lighter claret end of the spectrum. I had this at a free for all wine dinner a couple of years ago and it was the wine of the night, which was impressive considering some of the other wines on the table. I...
Cleaning out the closet and offering these bespoke Cappelli ties for sale. All are 60 inches long, 3.25 inches wide, untipped.
I have an 82 Pichon Lalande, a 90 Montrose, an 83 Beaucastel and an 89 Vieux Telegraph pulled. We'll probably drink a couple of those. We'll probably drink all of them actually. And some Champagne.
Yes, a few new suits and jackets over the last year. Will post pics soon.
Seems like the latest ties are noticeably narrower than previous iterations. Too narrow for me. Those look normal, 3.25 or so, is that right?
Jumping in on this new rig action. This is a brown, leaning toward charcoal, Lori Piana chalk stripe flannel, 90/10 wool cashmere mix. Lining is navy, pants are single pleat, side tabs, no back pockets, intending to wear with braces. One new detail is the curved front pockets. Most of my suits have "American pockets", slanted forward a bit from the seam. I didn't ask for this style, and I haven't seen it before. I do like it though.
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