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Yes, but you can buy it at auction. I love aged champagne and have frequently purchased at auction, usually winebid. I find that great aged champagne can generally be a good value relative to great aged still wines. There are exceptions, Krug, Salon come to mind, but generally speaking, you can get stuff from the large houses, like 90 Dom, 88 Pol Roger Winston Churchill, etc, for less than three bills/bottle at auction.
I think they definitely shill for certain restaurants and/or restaurant groups. Now whether or not they are explicitly paid to do so I don't know, but it gets silly sometimes.
I've been to this place and it is fucking terrible. When they set the food on the table my first thought was "I could have made this shit at home". Eater has been shilling for them since they opened, but I will be shocked if this place is still open in a year.
Ridiculously so in my opinion.
Would have loved to see that Greg but I'm in Tokyo next week. Also, there is a huge Wegmans in Princeton and I don't get the love for that place. It has a much better bakery than the Whole Foods here, but the rest of the place is pretty meh. And the WF here isn't really even that great.
I have no idea what the fuck is going on in this thread today. Also: it is going to be 90 degrees in NYC tomorrow.
I did. As I've worn it a few times it strikes me that the pattern is a fine conservative pattern, but the fabric is not the type of thing one would have made up into a fine conservative business suit. It would have been better as a flannel.What I would really like is the Fox for LL midnight PoW flannel made in a lighter weight, like 11 or 13 oz. That I would buy.
I wish they'd made that Agnelli fabric as a flannel rather than tweed. The fabric in the photos of Agnelli wearing something similar look like flannel.
You're finally moving??????Sorry.
I like CA cabs when they're not over the top. It's great to have a ripe, balanced wine made from Bordeaux varietals. There just aren't many made that way, and the few that are made that way are $150. Same for the Rhone varietals in CA. They could make a great CdR style wine, but when they try, it's $30, which is silly. Why buy that when I can get a real CdR that's very good for $15?
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