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I did, and in one case the guy helping me opened a new box and gave me a couple of sticks out of that box because the ones on display weren't perfect.
I was at La Civette two weeks ago and had a very good experience. I also found the gentleman working there to be most helpful. I bought a box of RASS and a box of Quai D'Orsay and they've been great so far.
That red band designates that cigar as being made exclusively for the Mexican market. I think it's pretty common as I have a few like that for Switzerland and Britain.
I like them too, especially the Cinsault. Tegan's wines for his own label, Sandlands, are also very good. (I think we've discussed them here before)
Can you smoke a sleeve then eat the rest when you get the munchies after?
You gotta pull the trigger, every night is a special occasion.
I have a jacket in that and I never wear it. It's a great example of a cloth that looks great as a bolt and would probably make a nice pillow for your reading chair, but otherwise kind of sucks.
Eh, I've seen 4 or 5 different single vineyard wines at local wine stores in NJ.
Ridge Vineyard's Paul Draper is retiring. In my opinion Montebello is the best wine made in North America. I can think of no other wine made as long, by the same winemaker, from the same vineyard, with such a track record for aging. Montelena is the only other that comes close. This is the end of an era. Cupertino, CA – 80 years – It seems a most celebratory age to step back. We have two of the finest winemakers and one of the most exceptional vineyard directors, who...
I think Tablas also serves as a nursery to wineries in CA (which would explain the Picpoul) and the US, providing them with vines, all of which they brought over in the early 90s when they started the winery. I seem to recall them bringing vines for all the approved varietals in the CdP AoC.
New Posts  All Forums: