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I just picked up some 2015 Turley Bechtold Vineyard Cinsault. I've posted about this wine here before, but it's one of my favorite U.S. quaffer wines and one of the few I actively seek out. Tegan's doing some interesting things with Turley and with his own label Sandlands. The Turley portfolio is still dominated by big, high alcohol zins, but they do seem more balanced and less of a punch in your face than they were when Helen Turley/Ehren Jordan were making them. It's...
Thank you.
The collar is what throws me off. Sometimes I see a standard peak lapel collar on the polo coat, sometimes i see that collar, the name of which I don't know. I prefer that collar.
The fabric of your jacket looks like it's steely blue, is that right, or is it the pic? If it is, do you mind sharing what fabric it is?
Now is that a polo coat, or an Ulster? I'm going to have one made up and I want the style in this picture.
Yes pretty sure I paid mid 20s for the case I bought a few years ago.
2012 Jamet Cotes du Rhone. It doesn't get much better than this if you like northern Rhone syrah and don't want to break the bank. I think I paid around $25 for this and it's wonderful.
A couple of wines from the weekend: 1995 La Mission Haut Brion. This was on the lighter side, balanced, but a bit flabby and not really exceptional. I have a few more and will see if they get any more interesting with age, but this was kind of disappointing. 2005 Rochioli Little Hill Pinot Noir: interesting aromatically right out of the bottle with five spice, cherry, and tea, but in the mouth surprisingly primary at ~12 years old. Lacks balance on the palate with...
I agree. Most of the mid 90s Mondavi Reserves I have I purchased from Winebid for around $70. Not cheap, but for what it is, it is a relative bargain.
I really like the Wiemer wines, which I'd not had or even seen until I moved to the east coast in 2011. I also generally like the Antinori wines across the board. I find them to generally be really solid, varietally correct for the most part, and good values. I like their restaurant in Florence too.Tonight I have the 95 Mondavi Reserve in the decanter. It's a very good bottle, straddling CA and Bdx. Still showing a core of primary fruit, but also showing some...
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