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My wife and I had dinner a few weeks ago at a local restaurant, and while chatting with the sommelier he suggested a Chardonnay from Liquid Farm in the Santa Rita Hills. I think this winery has been discussed on here before. Anyway, he described the Liquid Farm wines as being as close to Burgundy as CA gets, so we gave it a try. We had the Golden Slope, which the somm described as being akin to Meursault. I'm typically wary of these kinds of comparisons, but in this...
Thank you.
Right, but wouldn't that mean one would take a 50 in these pants if their true size is a 52 because of the elastic?
Should one size down in those Camoshita easy pants?
Maybe the most StyFo quote ever.
Lunch at Helene Darroze at the Connaught is one of the better deals I have found. Three courses, with a few amuse, mignardises, and two glasses of wine for 52 pounds. At least that is what it was last summer. I ate there several times and had a wonderful experience each time.
I just received my first batch of shirts from Luca and I am very happy with them. I've had a hard time finding a shirt maker that can provide a consistent fit. I did measurements in London and one fitting in Naples and the shirts are exactly what I wanted. I use Sean O'Flynn and Luca and I'm very happy with both.
Just finished Conclave by Robert Harris. I like Harris' work, generally good yarns, often historical fiction/mystery. This was a decent book until the last few pages revealed an ending so bad I'm angry I wasted my time with this turd.
That's a rare one, glad you enjoyed it!
I'm typically a L, the measurements NMWA provided were consistent with that sizing and I'm very happy with the fit. So as Greg said, it's true to size.
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