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Wow that is awful.
Welcome to the club!
I went to Gordon Ramsay in London with my wife. His TV persona is offensive, etc, etc, but this was one of the best meals I have had. The entire experience was close to perfect and I really enjoyed it. I took a bunch of pics and stuff, which I never do. I'll post them later when I'm not almost comatose.
Amen. I'm good on the older, still working on the accomplished part.
I really like the backpacks. I need something to replace the Titleist backpack I've been using for the last two years. It's a bit discordant with everything else.
Jesus it's not even hot you pussies.
I think this particular discussion brings this thread to an undeserved and ignominious end.
Luca does not travel with a cutter. You generally only get a cutter if you go to Naples (and maybe Milan, I can't remember if they have cutters there). In my experience, Rubinacci is ill served by this approach. The suits and jackets I have that had fittings in Naples are better than those that were not. Luca should bring a cutter with him when he comes to NYC. I don't know why they don't do that.
I do both. The oldest stuff in my cellar I bought on release is 1996. I buy older stuff at auction to drink while waiting for the younger stuff to age.
Yes, but you can buy it at auction. I love aged champagne and have frequently purchased at auction, usually winebid. I find that great aged champagne can generally be a good value relative to great aged still wines. There are exceptions, Krug, Salon come to mind, but generally speaking, you can get stuff from the large houses, like 90 Dom, 88 Pol Roger Winston Churchill, etc, for less than three bills/bottle at auction.
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