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I just received my first batch of shirts from Luca and I am very happy with them. I've had a hard time finding a shirt maker that can provide a consistent fit. I did measurements in London and one fitting in Naples and the shirts are exactly what I wanted. I use Sean O'Flynn and Luca and I'm very happy with both.
Just finished Conclave by Robert Harris. I like Harris' work, generally good yarns, often historical fiction/mystery. This was a decent book until the last few pages revealed an ending so bad I'm angry I wasted my time with this turd.
That's a rare one, glad you enjoyed it!
I'm typically a L, the measurements NMWA provided were consistent with that sizing and I'm very happy with the fit. So as Greg said, it's true to size.
Cool pictures, thank you for sharing.
I bought it in black and i love it. I had no familiarity with the brand prior to buying this piece. The first time I wore it I got more positive comments than I've ever gotten for anything I've ever worn.
I just picked up some 2015 Turley Bechtold Vineyard Cinsault. I've posted about this wine here before, but it's one of my favorite U.S. quaffer wines and one of the few I actively seek out. Tegan's doing some interesting things with Turley and with his own label Sandlands. The Turley portfolio is still dominated by big, high alcohol zins, but they do seem more balanced and less of a punch in your face than they were when Helen Turley/Ehren Jordan were making them. It's...
Thank you.
The collar is what throws me off. Sometimes I see a standard peak lapel collar on the polo coat, sometimes i see that collar, the name of which I don't know. I prefer that collar.
The fabric of your jacket looks like it's steely blue, is that right, or is it the pic? If it is, do you mind sharing what fabric it is?
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