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That looks fantastic Slewfoot.
Put a sign on your door, in Spanish, that says "if you knock on this door before 9 am you will be killed".
Unless you've been invited, or are delivering a package, I don't want anyone coming to my door for any reason, ever.
The Kermit CdR is a great house wine. Joe Canal carries it out my way.
Even though I've been guilty of this myself, I have come around to this view Greg. My tailors have access to everything I could want and I'm not willing to put in the effort many seem to put out in the hopes of finding some one off discontinued cloth.
Does anyone know when this book will be available and at your local tailor?
I hope you're feeling better.
Fucking right on brother.
On the rare occasions women show interest in me, I immediately assume they are going to rob me.
I've not had this one, so I don't know if it's crappy or in a dumb phase, but Gattinara is predominantly Nebbiolo grown in Northern Piemonte, where it's cooler than Barolo, etc, hence you will typically end up with wines that are lighter than Barolo/Barbaresco, et al. The wines are typically even longer lived than Barolo, I've had some from the fifties and sixties that were remarkable.
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