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I'm really curious as to how one might measure the warmth of a coat.
Auctions are a good way to access older wines fairly painlessly, specifically online auctions like Winebid.com. There's a learning curve for sure, but it can be a good way to get older wines, ready to drink, without having to shell out for case lot purchases.
I think he's looked like shit in the last couple of movies. His clothes are at least one size too small and look ridiculous.
I assumed it meant you could return for credit, but not get a refund.
Given that it's a LL cloth, I'm sure it's heavy enough to stop a bullet and impractically hot, unless you're living at Ice Station Zebra.
I have a suit length of Slewfoot's original Minnis run available. If if anyone is interested, PM me. I'm in Japan this week, so I may not get back to you immediately.
Would you mind posting pics of your suit? I'm considering the same fabric.
The Balmoral was great when it was released, but that was a long, long time ago. I might even still have a bottle in the cellar. I'm not optimistic a 19 year old Aussie syrah that isn't Grange will be a positive experience. Let us know how it is when you open it.
Pretty much. Mariano has great taste, demonstrates it in his own style and is charming in person. I don't think it's a stretch so think a lot of LH customers saw Mariano, met him, and wanted in some ways to emulate him. I actually like Luca, and I get that part of his purpose is to move the brand to a younger crowd and open new markets. But I think his personal style is a bit 'mack-ish' for me.
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