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Hey... Just recently bought this off ebay and there are a few other things I wanna get so I need some extra cash. Just trying to make my money back... The condition is fantastic (almost no signs of wear) and is a made in USA PRL suit. The flannel is super soft and 100% wool. Pants are double forward pleat and the double breast is 6x2. Price includes shipping in US. Specs: Shoulder seam to Shoulder Seam across Top is 18 1/2”. Length from center back from collar is...
These are the C&J Henleys in black with Dainite soles in really fantastic condition. A few scuffs here and there that will go away after a simple shine. The soles barely have any wear and tear on them. Wish they were my size, but it just doesn't fit, they really are beautiful shoes! Not sure if the size is US or not, but I measured the shoe just in case. They are 12 1/2" length and width at 4 3/8", hope this helps. I believe the same pair that's being sold on pediwear:...
Hey, wondering if you'll be getting more double monks anytime soon. Thanks
Would this work for just getting back return shipping?*edit*Even if the measurements were given incorrectly and the seller agreed to pay for return shipping?
Hey, I have a dilemma and was wondering if you ebay buyers with experience can help me out. So I bought this gloverall duffle coat seen here (this is the actual auction) http://www.ebay.com/itm/230673787248?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 The item was measured incorrectly and I messaged him saying that since it was measured incorrectly (the chest was 26" instead of 24", shoulders were 21.5") I want to return the item and he has to pay for the return...
hey, got super lucky (in my own terms; you guys are too pro) this week. found a paul stuart (made in canada) navy flannel with chalk stripes suit. Brooks brothers gray 3-button suit with pleated pants. I'm thinking that one's a madison cut. this one is going to be one of my staple suits for interviews and such. Brooks brothers sport coat zegna sport shirt with houdstooth pattern.
Hey, I'm looking for a camel toggle/duffle coat with a hood at around knee to above knee length. Bruce
Hey, got these black wingtip Tim Little dress boots in great condition. Just bought it off ebay and they aren't really to my liking and the ebay buyer wants a 20% restocking fee which is crazy! Hoping I could just make what I've lost. These pictures are taking from the ebay auction itself because I really can't take pictures as good as these. I don't want to seem deceptive, but these are a little more square toed than the pictures let on (the seller knew how to work the...
Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out, I'm looking at this Gant trench coat and it all looks good except that the inner lining has a similar check to burberry's signature nova check. Just wondering if this is a sign that it's fake or why it would have such a similar style to a competitor's signature look.. here's the item : http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ht_3760wt_1012 Thanks for helping me out! Bruce
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