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Revival! I am a time poor family man with some weights (dumbbells, bar, bench) in the cellar and a free 30 minutes in the evening to do what I can. I am aiming for a more athletic build and no hugeness, if that was even possible. I seem to focus on arms, chest, shoulders and back. I occasionally do some cardio intervals on my rowing machine, but that is only about 5-10% of my workouts. This is what I do, what should I keep and what should I change? Workout 1 - All...
Surprised to hear there is no comparison available, but I guess that reflects the lack of me easily finding anything via Google. I'm not sure where I will get access to a C2 machine before the event to try it out. I used to train on them, but have not for a few years now. For the event in *December* I'm training to a C2 training plan focused on a 2k. Doing the work, so hopefully I won't embarrass myself at the comp.
I use my waterrower at least three, usually more times a week, always in the morning about 6am before my wife and kid wake up. Now I'm training for an indoor rowing event in December, and what happens, kid starts a new sleeping pattern that means she wakes up early, just at the time I would be starting my training. Gah! I'll try tonight, but it just feels like I have forgotten to do something today, and I'm not sure how it will feel doing 10*1min pieces @ 85-95% Max HR...
Hello. I've posted before about my decision to go for a Waterrower over a C2 but now I wonder how comparative the timed/distance results are between machines. I will be taking part in an Indoor rowing championship in November that will be held on C2 machines. This morning I pulled a 6.20.5 2K on my WR with 16L in the tank. How would that compare on a C2 machine? What is the 16L in C2 Damper level terms? Can anyone comment on these questions? Thanks
Today:New mid grey/brown suit from Boss lighter than it seems in the pictures.Linus Shirt (light pink)Linus Tie (navy with blue dots)C&J ConnaughtsAs always, apologies for the poor quality Blackberry pics [[SPOILER]]
Hello. A second tentative step into the sharkpool. This was today: (apologies for the poor blackberry pics) Shoes: Lottusse Tie: Soer knitted Shirt: Linus Suit: Joop Grey with fine blue stripes. Be gentle
Thanks Sugarbutch and deanddb. I'll keep watching, learning and post when I can.
Hello. BobD here, long time lurker, first time poster. I've been patiently watching and trying to learn and put into practice elements of what I see, albeit on a restricted budget. Here's what I was wearing today. Apologies for the poor quality bbry pics A day that I tied my first ever double four in hand. How did I do, what should I work on here? Any pointers will be very much appreciated. Thankyouplease
30 min steady state today. 20SPM, HR ~140, splits between 2.00 and 2.10. Felt good. A solid piece, not all out by any means, but I'm happy with it. Been training every day this week as I have a week off and home alone. Back to work next week means a return to 6am sessions and more effort required to find the time. Happy rowing/erging... B
seems a bit slow to load pages and generally a bit clunky. needs more speeeed
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