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Great deal! Dibs, already paid for!! Thankyou so much!
What what in the bump....
Still would love some supreme x padmore and barnes (killa shoe co.), or cncepts weavers or the patent wallies, David z. collabs, hit me up with anything reasonable guys!! Thanks!
Quite well IMHO. That coke zero wouldn't be to shabby mixed with cheaper whiskey. I was also under the impression that fried chicken=sex.
50$?!? To get out of the doghouse?!? Dibs, ...thankyou sir.
Awesome idea!! I donate out of the good of my heart, and get some free pants?!? Who said karma isn't real. Pm sent about the cinammon cords.
Bump!!! Nobody with weavers or wallabees? David z navy weavers would be nice! Or anything concepts x clarks
Bump bump bump it up!
Sry!! Accidently double posted!
I'll take the nubuck belt, the fake crocodile one and the coach one if for some reason he decides he does not want it! Thanks. Send me pp info
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