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Just so I'm clear that we are "arguing" about the same thing. Lodger English shoes were made for them by Alfred Sargent, to what I understand to be their "exclusive" standard. It now appears Lodger are having their English shoes made by Cheaney. This may indicate a drop in quality. Shire Rose, are you positioning that Lodger still has shoes made by AS? Or that Cheaney is selling AS for Lodger seconds? Or that Cheaney always made shoes for Lodger?
Hi, I've also noticed the cessation of the Shoe of the Month. ASOS is also selling Lodger shoes which don't feature on the website. Found out today that Alfred Sargent no longer make shoes for Lodger. Cheers
Does anybody know which Northampton shoes maker makes Mr McNairy's shoes for him? Thanks
I notice Grenson Brogues everywhere (£175), they are proving very popular. On their new website they are offering the opportunity to have a pair of brogues made to the customer's choice of leather/sole for the princely sum of £495. Are we safe to assume that despite being designs from the G2 range these custom shoes will be made in Northampton? The price strikes me as being a little steep, Sargents have made me custom versions of their Brogue boots in the recent past...
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