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"It's still warm here in the southwest but I'm looking forward to imminent cooler temperatures and the transition from the summer suede into the fall cordovan. I've been wearing mostly the suede chukka, the suede Dover, and calf v-tips. The #8, Cigar, and Ravello have been gathering dust on the shelves since May." I heard that dust ruins shell, so I'll do you a solid and take them off your hands. Perhaps a size 9.5 or a 10?
I know these are tough to find, but if you happen to have a pair that are collecting dust, and you'd be willing to part with them, shoot me a message. I'm looking for a pair of Alden Cigar boots, either Indy's, chukkas, or whatever you may have. My foot fits different sizes based on the lasts, hence the multiple sizes listed here, 9.5 or 10 in Barrie boots, 9-9.5 in Barrie bluchers, 9 or 9.5 in Trubalance. These can be pretty well worn, I don't care. Thanks for your...
Shoot me a message if you have a pair, any level of wear is okay. Specifically looking for the tan color, but will take a look at whatever is available. PM me if you have a pair you'd like to unload.
Love my wife, love my kids. My life is better with 'em by far, and I thought I had it MADE before getting married. I didn't know what I was missing. While I know it doesn't work out for everyone this way, if you pick carefully and are able to change together, it's great. We have both changed very little over the years, but we were also both pretty set in our ways already, so it works.
Just rinsing is plenty.
Omega planet ocean, used off of Timezone or Watchuseek is a great place to start, if you don't like it you can sell it for the same price you bought it for. It looks better than any other watch I've owned. If you want to go for a classic non diver grab an omega speedmaster pro. I didn't think much of them until I picked one up, now it's my favorite watch. You can get either for $2000 used, north of $3500-4200 new. The beauty of omega is that it doesn't scream "I'm...
Let me know if you have a pair you might be willing to part with. Cheers, mschm
[quote=willpower;3902184]Canon 550D / T2I - Also works as a stunning quality video camera. Agree, got the T2 for my wife and I'm amazed at the quality. We've been through about 3 different cheaper pocket cams in the past 4-5 years, all garbage, this one will last for twice as long. Larger initial $, but worth it in the end.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Try and find the car used. You should have no problems finding it in Germany. With the crazy EU gas prices I'd get something as economical as possible. Agree wholeheartedly. Cars are a bad investment. Get one very used, and the longer you wait, the cheaper they get. Good car choice though, provided you never have to haul a kid.
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