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Giant, james dean, liz taylor, and rock hudsonl love it.
My black WESCO engineer boots are some of the most solid boots that I have ever owned/seen.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogued I think the OP means the other Tom Wolfe. The white suit wearing dandy. Your correction is appreciated.
My advice: 1. Disregard your preposterous schemes...b/c real love will not respond to them... 2. After you get her number, simply call at an appropriate time..IE not 4am. 3. be yourself, and be truthful... why? : Because there is beauty and "might" in honesty. ...the aforementioned is so simple, and yet so few people operate in this manner.
Here is what I think. 1. There were some very good answers, including the poster who highlighted her age and your comment about "really loving her"...and said "stop it". 2. The poster who said it's about insecurity was right. Why would you give a sh*t if she actually loved you, and you loved her? ---------------------------------------------------- Here is my opinion, and I do believe that I know what I'm talking about...(otherwise I wouldn't share)...relationships are...
Tobacco products of any kind are hazardous to your health, and I advise against them. Stylistically speaking: My view on electronic cigarettes, is that they seem very strange on many different levels; like some weird perversion of an actual cigarette.
The best ham I ever had, and some of the best seafood...and wine..and other things EVER.. was in Spain. Their ham is so effing illlllllllllll....if you ever get a chance....(northern spain)..prob good all over though.
Thank you for your service jim. god bless you.
1. tom wolfe is awesome. I recently started "look homeward angel". (faulkner knew that wolfe was a genius of the souther gothic style.) 2. i have some shoes, bostonian/clarks...leather dress shoes...they have a sole that extends beyond the shoe...a very slight...but still noticable amount. I like them alot...also..the stitching is not hideous like the "example picture". i guess my point, is that...there is a way for this to be done right.. but it's hard.
I don't know if you have a history of tobacco product use, but if you don't....don't don't want to get addicted over being cool.
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