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Anyone know how the Munson fit? I just got the 4597 Munson and got a 9.5. I wear a 9.5 in beckmans and iron Rangers and wondering if I got the correct size? Thanks.
You can buy them, wear them and when it's time for a resole, you can get the Beckman soles on them.
I have a brand new Carhartt WIP Stadium jacket. Bought two sizes of these jackets to determine what size I would need. Ended up keeping one. The jacket is brand new and cost $160 new. Still has tags on it. I get compliments on the medium one all the time! You pay for shipping and ask I'm asking $135 OBO. The fit is very similar to the Levi Trucker jacket. I own two of those jackets as well and the fit is almost identical, just incase you are wondering what it fits...
Here are some pictures of my Iron Rangers 8111 that i've had for over a year. Pictures are a little dark.
Here's mine. Been wearing them everyday for work since the end of April. Bought a pair of them last year for winter and then loved the color so much I didn't want to wear them for work or ruin them. Ended up buying another pair for work and one pair for weekends. I love the color in person. Definitely a unique color. The new pair I haven't treated yet and the work ones i've only put creme on it once. First pic is of the first pair I bought that are for the weekends....
Here's a picture of mine last night.
Whatever you normally wear in other shoes/boots go down half a size. I'm normally a 10 in everything and I did a 9.5 and they are perfect.
Put some new laces on the IRs.
Definitely agree with you. They run big for sure. I did try on a size 9 which I normally wear a 10 and they were so hard to get on and couldn't even fit my feet into them and my toes were curled, tried a 9.5 and they have been perfect.
Not at all. I run my fathers plumbing business. So the boots are exposed to all sorts of weather and a lot of it.
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