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Thanks! I own a plumbing company. They get extremely a used. A couple more. I also picked up another pair of beckmans also. Which is the first pic.
They are awesome! One of my favorites. The style number is 4597. They were an older boot with Jcrew and then some store in Wisconsin had bought a bunch of over stock of them or something and had a limited supply of them online. Check Ebay for them.
Haha thanks for the advice! I was never keen on the 875s, but they are starting to grow on me. They are the chestnuts. I have two pairs. I bought one for work and couldn't bring myself to wear them at work, so I bought another pair for work and one for going out. I know, I'm ridiculous. The work pair are worn everyday for the last year and see all kinds of abuse. The ones in the middle of the Iron Rangers and Blacksmiths are a Munson boot that was a collaboration with...
Thanks for the pics.. They look awesome after being cleaned up.. How long have you had them? Do they look good with jeans, black and khaki coloured pants? Looking for something which can match with different styles.Thanks sunstealer73 as well for the input. Yes I did mean darken,[/quote]I've had them a little over a year with heavy abuse and Chicago winters and I'm still always amazed at how well they clean up. They look great with jeans. I'm not too sure how they would...
Here's my collection of heritages and my most recent Red Wing purchase
I would agree. I wear mine everyday for work and these are a couple pictures of what they looked like today and then right after I cleaned them up.
These are actually the chestnut 9013 style number. Here's another current picture. These boots get abused a lot with my work.
Anyone know how the Munson fit? I just got the 4597 Munson and got a 9.5. I wear a 9.5 in beckmans and iron Rangers and wondering if I got the correct size? Thanks.
You can buy them, wear them and when it's time for a resole, you can get the Beckman soles on them.
I have a brand new Carhartt WIP Stadium jacket. Bought two sizes of these jackets to determine what size I would need. Ended up keeping one. The jacket is brand new and cost $160 new. Still has tags on it. I get compliments on the medium one all the time! You pay for shipping and ask I'm asking $135 OBO. The fit is very similar to the Levi Trucker jacket. I own two of those jackets as well and the fit is almost identical, just incase you are wondering what it fits...
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