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So iv'e been looking through yahoo answers and several other random media outlets for some answers and have gotten so far good or bad experiences, and biased rooted opinions. in other words, the differnce between 10$ 70$ 200$ 200+$ jeans From a designer or high end-consumer standpoint, what makes these jeans much more different? does marketing play much of a role? that's what most people were saying, however i've yet to see one hudson or sevens for all mankind commercial...
i can't really tell, but from the picture it looks like there are some spots on it, stains perhaps? maybe the lighting brought it out, but if its unnoticeable i would go for it! that's an awesome suit, matches perfectly.
would an alteration shop be able to fix that?
Noway!!!!, but the main question is would you be able to tell if it was girl clothes if a guy was wearing it?
I know that in jeans especially it is easy to tell between men/women jeans, but what about jackets? well, anyways im just trying to sooth my conscience before buying a "Women's Hoodie." I'm Asian 5"10, 19 years old, and i was looking for a short sleeve hoodie, and one caught my eye, but its for girls. I want one exactly like it, the way the short sleeve is done and everything... but what makes it a "womens" hoodie? if i wear it will someone point out that its an...
Quote: Originally Posted by Da Luis Vuitton Don nothing wrong with being frugal this day and age anyway RL has a pretty extensive collection of under garments. ye, ill definetly check out RLs before i jump the gun. thx!
Thanks gwarg, i cant believe i missed that. i dont think money is much of an issue for undershirts, but ill check out RLs website (why not)... thanks for the quick replies!
i was browsing through menswear, and by-chance passed by this kind of undershirt: know where i can get it? in-store or online Thanks
@Journeyman I never thought of that!!! thanks!!. i passed over a lot of hoodies that i liked because it didn't have the two way zip. Im definetly going to scour the area for an alteration place!
Help, looking for a two way full zip hoodie!! im asian, 5"10, and really love the full two-way zip style, and i've spent countless hours in malls and online looking for something like this: the problem is- im a guy. i wear tall large, im thin and wear slim shirts/sweaters that go about below my crotch mostly lower. Please help. im almost to the point of just ordering this maternity hoodie =/ some reason i know it'll...
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