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Hi chaps, quick request for some advice. I've got a couple of pairs of nicer raw denim jeans I was wanting to give a bit of a taper, and also have them hemmed. Can't seem to find anywhere in Melbourne that will chain stitch the hem, or taper the jeans while retaining the selvedge seam. Has anyone found a tailor that can do this locally, or are we sending them interstate/overseas for this kind of service? Thanks in advance!
Hey all, up for grabs is a pair of Yuketen Maine Guide Boots, never worn, brand new in the box. I've only tried on the right shoe, and it seemed to fit pretty true to size - I usually wear a 10.5 in Clarks DBs, or Red Wings, and 11 in most Aldens and Sanders... maybe that will be a sufficient guide for you? They have an extra pair of laces, and a shoe bag, too. I know, right! I will ship them pretty quickly to you, and charge you only what Australia Post charges me....
Thanks mate! Got my shirt and it fits like a dream. Awesome seller.
Thanks heaps guys, some good suggestions to give a crack this coming week. I was going to write that I'd let you all know how it goes, but I had a moment of realisation that this is probably about as much talk of dandruff as anyone is willing to tolerate! So thanks to you all again.
Actually, I just reviewed the posts and it seems that Jobro was also the one to try and draw the thread back to clothing, so you know, at least you're consistent
Indeed. I wanted a local perspective as most recommendations are specific to North America. I also recall not long ago this thread was principally concerned with a moral debate about the Occupy Melbourne movement, so I'm not the first to make a slight departure from clothing.
Does anyone have any good recommendations for dandruff shampoos or remedies? I have been using apple cider vinegar, but to no avail. I've also pretty much exhausted the shampoos commonly available in the supermarkets. I read a post on here that suggested tea tree oil, but I'm allergic to that, as I discovered after my girlfriend applied it to a cut on my shoulder and my whole back blew up in a rash! So, does anyone have any tried and tested methods for dealing with the...
Hello all. I'm going to be spending my New Year's Eve in Paris with a group of friends, and we're thoroughly confused about where to go and what to do on the night. From what we hear, Paris is not the nicest place to simply be wandering the streets, and there is not much in the way of fireworks or other entertainment. My question, then, is if you have any recommendations for restaurants, bars, clubs, etc., and if you agree with our assessment that being on the streets is...
Have to add my +1 to checking out the Bill Cunningham doco. Saw it at the 2010 Melbourne film festival, and I still have a very clear image of it in my head. Such an astoundingly focused and spartan lifestyle he leads, so utterly devoid of distraction. Wouldn't find him on SF!
My dad, who was meant to fly from Sydney back to Melbourne today, just called me and said he's about an hour past Goulbourn - apparently, he decided to just hire a car and drive down. I expect to see him later tonight. Still, he'll probably arrive at his destination a lot sooner than some others.
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