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Quote: Originally Posted by Cool The Kid Just out of your price range, but prob worth it- ToJ I have wasted more $$$$ on oxfords than I would have had I just bought from them... they know their shit, cant go wrong. Seconding this; ToJ buttondowns are excellent.
Quote: Originally Posted by willy cheesesteak zit jewelry, NICE!!!
Any chance of lambskin dyed white? Is this a really bad idea?
oops. I like it, but I dunno if I like-like it.
how much will the harrington be
Drew - I'm gonna ship my car to you this week so you can reupholster the seats with some buttery leather. K?
Quote: Originally Posted by pimpmystyle Do I pair with chinos, jeans, shorts, all of the above? Yes. Chinos go under the jeans (which are cuffed high enough to show approximately 1" of chino). Shorts go on top, obviously... preferably light blue jean shorts.
So what's swag's successor? I think hot and fresh are already played out.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Thinking of a new names, if you're still looking Drew, and I came up with "Sow" or "S o W"? The word reminds you of sewing. It can also stand for Statement of Work, which "is a formal document that captures and defines the work activities, deliverables and timeline a vendor will execute against in performance of specified work for a client." That reminds me somewhat of how ToJ works. SoW could also stand for Sentiment of...
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