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TFW you squat almost 400 pounds one day, and the next day your ass and legs are so sore that the idea of bearing your own bodyweight seems an impossibility.Why not do L-sit pull-ups combined? And then go Beast-Mode^2 by holding a dumbbell in your ankles while doing L-sit pull-ups?Weighted L-sit pull-ups or dragon flags are great for efficiency; get some pulling, upper-back, and ab work all at the same time!
On the other hand, I was able to make a snatch for 95kg (90% of my all time PR) first time since wrist sprain the other month. No wraps on the wrists either Adding a few kg per week pretty steady during recovery, hopefully get back to 100% in May.Plus, my technique is quite improved, as I've been hammering some small points during recovery process, especially third pull. Lock out on snatch is still iffy; aside from wrist, the shoulders are still kinda weak from not...
Saw this dude doing a sick circuit today: biceps with biceps and biceps then biceps. After flexing in the mirror for a bit, he really went crazy with some DB shrugs at 20kg in each hand.
And those who make more than 250k actually buy Obama's "vote," on things likes tax/energy/regulatory policies. It's like the Laffer curve, but for the relation of income to government power; at a certain income people no longer are effectively bought BY the government, and more able to do the buying OF the government.
When overhead with bodyweight-loaded bar first time since wrist sprain. Felt pretty decent. Plan is to try max effort singles sometime in early April, which I think will be good.Coach is competing in US National Masters Championship this weekend, he should take first in his class easily; currently he is only a few kg behind the world records for his class, so it would be sweet to see him take a couple of those also.My body is an enigma. Back when I was doing general...
So weak.... between wrist sprain and too much work preventing frequent gym time the past two months, 70% lifts never felt more difficult.
Per my experience with NIH projects and DoE funded research projects, there is a non-trivial amount of waste in good research, as well as non-trivial amounts of wasteful research. Government spending 10% less on science research should be an easy decision. Frankly, the whole grant process is shit and a waste of resources, and already favors the "wealthy" and "well-connected" research groups. As far as the sequester goes, as much as I'd like it to happen, I expect it to be...
Damn.... No wraps, no suit. Not even using squat shoes. Just a belt. And apparently he "only" did 905 because they didn't have enough plates to put on more weight. (http://70sbig.com/blog/2013/02/meet-the-man-who-squats-905-raw/)
The way I look at it, by definition, a 1RM is the weight at which your muscles are no longer able to produce the necessary force -- and therefore form -- to execute a movement. For me, if I feel the form suffering too much where I might hurt myself, I bail on the rep. If it feels a little off but not uncomfortable or not producing excessive strain, I'll push through. It depends on how well you know your body and how much stress to which you're willing to subject yourself....
Lucky. Most Oly comps give you 1-2 hours between weigh-in and session time. Not enough time to fully digest one meal, let alone several.
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