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Lucky. Most Oly comps give you 1-2 hours between weigh-in and session time. Not enough time to fully digest one meal, let alone several.
3 eggs, 1/4 pound cured pork of some kind, fruit (apple/peach/berries), toasts, orange juice, Greek yogurt with granola, and then some baked goods, perhaps cookies or donuts. Every day. Although on weekends I may sub out the Greek yogurt for a triple stack of pancakes or french toast smothered in butter and syrup.
Since spraining my wrist, workouts have just been two squat sessions per week, because I can't really do much else. Aside from strength, going heavy each time with plenty of recovery is doing wonders for flexibility and form-- deeper, faster, more stable. Going to try empty bar snatches and C&J next week sometime and see how the wrist holds up. Would be nice to do competition in April, but that may be rather ambitious.Back when I was single, the #1 goal on my Fuck-it List...
I find that girls really like goblet squats. I'll leave it at that.
Even if the two Oly lifts alone don't make one stronger, any good Oly lifter does other movements for strength as well.Such as casual 4x bodyweight back squat doubles.....
What sort of doctor/specialist would I want to see for a wrist injury? Something got f-ed up during a 102kg snatch, and now lateral rotation (like waving goodbye just moving the wrist) produces incredibly intense pain. It's my right hand, ulnar side. I don't know if a GP will be able to do anything other than refer me to a specialist anyway. Got it splinted up for the time being. FWIW I finished the 102kg lift, even though I felt the pain (and heard a little click) during...
Ugh, +123456789 on the women being crazy. If they don't see amazing results in one week, "It's not working!!!" I'm like "bitch, just do things the right way and you won't have to crash diet ever again." It's so damn simple but they make it out to be such a nightmare. Anyway, gonna do a semi-Bulgarian cycle for the next 6 weeks. Last cycle only went max once a week in one lift only, and didn't see much progress. Seems that Oly lifts necessarily have different form for...
Although I seem to have forgotten how to snatch, I did manage to knock out a solid 138kg C&J. Now two weeks of no lifting, for first time in about 5 years. Then a nice 6 week peaking cycle leading up to competition in February.
3 sets of 10rep back squat at 80%, followed by a 6 sets [2 clean + 2 jerk] at 85%. Worst workout EVER.
That moment when you get so pissed at missing a hang snatch single at 85 percent for the 4th time, that you hulk out and do it for a triple next attempt.
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