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it's possible to not get a medal at local meets? Any meet I've done rarely had more than 3 people per class and also gives out medals for top 3 in class.... practically 90% of the participants get a medal.
It's been about 18 weeks since the sprain. I literally did not hold a barbell in my hands for 4 weeks. Then empty barbell for 2 weeks. 8 weeks after injury I pressed 100 lbs for first time. I did not and do not use wraps; bones and ligaments need to be stressed for proper reconstruction and growth. I did use a brace for the first 2 weeks though.
Matched all-time snatch PR for first time since wrist sprain. Lift was solid, felt nice to have big weight over head.
What a freak. And just like you, I mean that as a compliment, in the best way possible. Does he post training logs anywhere?I'm pretty sure he did Oly lifting for a while. I seem to recall his stating that he "was a mediocre 94" with a total around 300kg, I believe. (Which is mediocre by world standards, but hardly anything to scoff at.) But I could be mistaken on that number.
I'm a fan of the TripleB sandwich.... bacon and brisket between brownies. Can't eat pop-tarts anymore. My parents bought me a costco-sized case in college, and I got so sick of eating them. To this day the sight of a frosted strawberry will make me gag a little bit.
If it's not one thing, it's another.... just about to get back into a schedule and I tear a good 3cm long piece of skin off my thumb during a 120kg clean complex today. The biggest flapper I've ever seen, pretty grotesque. Guess I won't be pulling anything heavy for yet another week.
After 5 months of minor discomforts, inconsistent work schedules, wrist sprain, poor sleep, and frequent travelling that have impeded progress, I'm starting to feel normal and it finally looks like I can get into a decent routine for the next few months. But now I can't decide whether to be vain and work around maintenance levels to look good for any beach trips, or to go balls-to-the-wall, no holds barred, heavy weights and big eating to try and eclipse 240lbs.
It's not that bad-- just cover vegetables in cheese sauce or garlic butter, after cooking them in bacon fat. Also, avocado/guac is good for calorie dense vegetable.
[rant]As someone in his 4th year of PhD studies, let me say this: you had better really fucking LOVE the topic and have no justification for pursuing PhD other than that. Maybe econ is different than my field (biophysics), but the reality is that doing a PhD for practical experience to help get an industry job isn't particularly useful. Experience almost always trumps academics, except in academia. Chances are I'll have to do a couple shit post-docs before actually getting...
cool story bro
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