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DC gyms pretty much suck. This town loves fitness fads and running. Legit power/weight lifting gyms are few and far between. If you're working at GWU and can get into their facilities, that would probably be your best bet. Otherwise, you'll have to deal with skinny-fats at the "fitness clubs" or CrossFit dorks.
Just when I thought I was eating a lot, I decided to eat even more, and now making some of the best progress in the last two years. Pint of Ben and Jerry's every night, that's what I'm talking about. Regarding the belt debate, while I don't care if other people use them and I understand and admit that they're probably useful, I just can't bring myself to use them. I tried, but I don't like the feel of them. So I just tie the drawstring on my shorts nice and tight........
Hate that guy. Huge ego, loud mouth, and attention whore. I generally don't root against people, but I get a little joyful inside when he misses a lift.
Second week of routine stressing power-versions of the Sn and C&J and I power snatch for 100kg yesterday. I think there's more to come. Really getting big 2nd pull and fast 3rd pull from all these power movements, hopefully it will carry over when I get back to the full versions.Also, some dudes are like "Why is he gripping so wide for a deadlift" then I throw the damn thing up over my head. Satisfying.Charly, after watching some bros at my gym crank out some "massive"...
Haven't done heavy power cleans in a while until yesterday, worked up to a fairly easy 130kg. Pulls felt so strong, if only I could get my front squat up, I feel like I'd be within spitting distance of 150kg C&J.
Dear Six-pack Abs,It's been nice having you around for the past few years, but I think we should stop seeing each other for some time. You see, I'm just not satisfied with my current progress and it's time to commit to bigger goals. Literally. It may be sad for a little bit, and my girlfriend may not be too pleased, but I am certain that when we re-unite in the future we'll be even better than before.Sincerely, Speedy4500You like 'em tight? I squeeze my 28" thighs and 40"...
Was out at bar with the woman on Friday, and while I was taking a leak some dude starting chatting her up and she's like "I'm waiting for my bf." Then he asked "Yeah, well is he bigger than me?" At which point I walked back and she pointed at me. Apparently, he then said to her "Uh, so yes... he's definitely bigger than me" and turned around and high-tailed it outta there. Even though I'm hardly huge at 6'1" and 210, the nation's capital is the land of dyel figgy hipsters....
I won't be happy until I can snatch into the 300+ lbs range i.e. "tfw you throw someone's max deadlift over your head" But seriously, most good guys I know, as long as they see you pushing yourself, you'll get respect. Pretty much everyone, at some point in their strength pursuits, was pumped to pull 3 plates or bench 2.
Currently 28 BMI at 6'1", still have ab definition. Shooting for 30 BMI "lean-ish" come spring time next year; I'm calling it "30 by 30"..... reaching non-fatty 230lbs by the time I turn 30 years old in April.Interestingly, apparently 28 BMI precludes one from participating as a "healthy adult" volunteer in NIH clinical studies-- I was rejected for being "overweight." Would've been nice to get $650 for two 3 hour visits.
it's possible to not get a medal at local meets? Any meet I've done rarely had more than 3 people per class and also gives out medals for top 3 in class.... practically 90% of the participants get a medal.
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