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3 yeas ago I dipped under 170 for a brief time. My friends and family thought I was literally dying.
300 lb bench press in the books. It was a grinder through the middle, but otherwise my spotter said it looked solid: kept the ass on the bench, feet on the floor, and even hands on the way up. Now maybe a squat PR next week before gorging myself on Thxgiving?
Jeez, that Angie Varona looks like a cartoon character with such a ridiculous bust/waist/hip ratio.I've dropped a snatch (or two) on my neck/back So has Olympic medalist Matthias Steiner:and pretty much anyone who has ever missed a near-PR attempt at the snatch. Most of the time you can dump without making a fool of yourself, but every once in a while you find yourself in a position where you're just along for the ride. Granted, I never got pulled along the ground by the...
I used to do that until I did this:And saw the best strength and mass gains in my life.If you're busting your ass in the gym, you don't really need to worry about getting excessively fat, just a little fluffy. Then when you cut with more LBM than before, it'll be a piece of cake.
Choked back a mouth full of vomit after a big squat set today. Deeeelicious! Also, I think I may get a cheap video camera to take to the gym so that, in addition to filming myself, I can film some of the fools doing stupid crap, like the dude doing the WORST bent over rows I have ever seen: back all loose and curved, he was basically pulling his torso down to the barbell instead of pulling the weight up.
As much as I dislike snatch grip deadlifts, I'm seeing some good carry-over to squats in keeping the entire back super tight and strong. I guess that's why Klokov likes them so much. I'm planning to include SGDL with more prominence, instead of as an after-thought assistance exercise. Started today with 180kg for 3 sets of 5 after hang cleans... watch out Dmitry, I'll be repping 250kg soon!!!
What kind of video are you hoping to see? Squats? Snatches? Cleans? Jerks?I posted motion pictures from my very first competition in summer 2012. But no one I know has film of my two meets since then, and I have never taken video of training sessions.
Squats, such a finicky lift. So hard to recover from one tiny little mis-step, and so frustrating to miss weight you've made before. Smart to dial back the bench and DL attempts. Last weightlifting meet I had to do the whole "attempt a 5kg meet PR and probably miss, or get a 3kg meet PR in the books and move on" situation and went the same route as you.Also, I definitely feel you on the walking in to a meet and feeling drained. I've walked in questioning my ability to lift...
Did my own quick and dirty powerlifting total in RHET solidarity with Mr Charly today. Put up a 290 pause bench, 385 high-bar a2g squat, and 495 conventional deadlift (tried for 505 on a fourth to break through the 5xx barrier, but I was gassed by then.... funny how 10 more lbs can seem so much heavier). Fairly pleased since this was zero prep, no wraps or belt, and I pretty much never deadlift or bench press. I feel like some moderate attention to those lifts could lead...
Gym swag delivery today from Eastbay, including some Official Mr Charly Compression Shorts of Glory. Now the question is to rock these bad boys on their own, or throw on a pair of shorts on top?
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