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I feel like injuries with lighter weight is less because of wearing a belt (or straps or wraps or w/e) and more with a mentality of not taking the weight seriously. 200 pounds is probably an easy warm up for most people, and when you think about it like that, you're not going to commit yourself fully to the lift. Watch Charly videos, or almost any elite strength athlete... they will do a warm-up set at 300 pounds with the same form and concentration and intensity as they...
Don't short change yourself on your grip strength, though; hook helps a lot but it still takes a strong grasp when you're moving big weight.
And wouldn't you know it, today's workout when I get to the gym:Snatch complex: 2 hang from mid thigh + 1 power, 5 sets @ 90kgSnatch high pulls from floor: 3x5 @ 125kg5 sets front squat doubles at 135kg.Maybe skeen isn't into the girlies? To each his own.If anything, I think a lot of women even prefer a thick midsection. According to my GF and her friends, it looks more masculine and testosterone-fueled, as opposed to a dainty pretty-boy male model who spends too much time...
You called?
Maybe she took a shower before eating? FWIW, that "protein brownie" is probably better than some other options. No need to be a nazi about this stuff. Making small choices here and there to eat better can add up to real results. Small changes over time lead to more sustainable habits anyway.
RHET bros, what app(s) do you use to track diet and stuff? The GF wants to track her workouts and food intake using her iphone. Looking for something that is powerful and customizable and preferably free?
There's big difference between a guy doing 4hr cardio and also strength training daily (is it his fucking job or something?) and someone who sits at a desk/lab bench 10hr+ daily and is lucky to exercise 4hr in an entire week. Metabolizing carbs is fast and easy for the body and if they're available, that's what it will do. That guy will probably burn through most of those carbs easily just from his cardio, no big surprise there, so he doesn't have to worry about storing...
LOL. World record squat attempt in a mono-lift and still walks it out. Like a bawss.
2014 training is not going so well. Inconsistent schedule, travelling, random nonsense popping up... missing 1-2 workouts every week pretty much. Making some good tech revisions to snatch and C&J, but damn near zero progress in strength this year. Can't decide whether to do a cut back to 94kg class for next competition (and look good for summer) or try to hang in as an underweight yet slightly fluffy 105 on my way to putting on more mass to hit the long-term goal...
Certainly science and the easily available info allows the average Joe to have the best programs and diets. But I have recently been surprised several times at overhearing moderately sized college bros discuss their pinning habits. So, yes.... both.
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