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... and here I thought you were making comment on exercising under the influence of recreational drugs.
Please explain. The only "comparison" I made is that they're both highly regulated, which I don't see as "woefully inaccurate."
Perhaps it is public sector action which CAUSES oligopolies? Think about the highest regulated sectors in this country: finance, energy, and telecom come to mind. These are consistently sectors in which companies have huge market share, there is little competition.... and, oh, they tend to be the scourge of the general public. Then think about sectors which have minimal regulations: clothing, restaurant/food, retail, hospitality. These are industries with the most...
This is just silly. I had to double check to make sure the date wasn't April 1.Dems propose 'Reasonable Profits Board' to regulate oil company profits
I went shopping for some casual trousers recently. Had to buy 36 waist to get enough room in the thigh and rear and then had my tailor take in as much as he could from the waist band, but there's still too much room around the waist. They don't look bad, but don't look great either. And just for shits and giggles I tried on some "skinny" jeans in my usual jean size... couldn't even get those mf'ers up past my crotch and then had to peel them down.
Being a DC resident, I frequently interact with many people involved in politics--lawmakers and their staff, pundits, lobbyists, etc--and I can say without reservation that they are ALL assholes.
Mine: Gain weight. Drink more. Take up smoking. It will be difficult but I think I can do it. But seriously, I have only one resolution that I'm making a concentrated effort towards: decreasing my philandering and attempting serious relationships. Frankly, most women annoy the shit outta me, so it won't be easy.
Given your recent laments about not being strong enough or big enough, I believe the correct answer in your case is "both."
The sad part is that most of Congress' actions have a similar ham-fisted approach as the SOPA/PIPA bills do; it's just that when it comes to economic liberties or civil liberties, people just don't know or care about the awful consequences and side effects of the myriad bills and regulations that Congress creates. I would love to see more large companies protest Congressional action with "blackouts" or something along those lines so that the populace at large becomes more...
Hurry up, dammit!
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