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What happened with the first DL? You started to drop before the signal? Or you felt like you hitched it up so you decided to just drop it before wasting energy?Also, what was your weigh in? I thought you were 198 class last time.... didn't feel like cutting this time around?
I like that in spite of the crazy spam this forum is getting, this RHET thread is still always near the top of the H&B sub-forum. It's a good metaphor to represent how those of us in this thread have overcome a barrage of devious forces in our world to become as strong as we can possibly be, and how we will continue to fight all the demons that seek to oppress us in the pursuit of strength and glory.
I have no idea what any of this shit means. I guess the new Do You Even Lift is Do You Even Gear?
TFW hot girl at gym catches you watching her tits bounce while she works out, and gives you a smile and eyebrow raise. Followed by TFW when you catch her checking you out while you do your workout, and return the expression. Followed by TFW when you remind yourself that you have a girlfriend. Re: bench grip, I just try to minimize wrist strain. Towards the heel of the palm, loaded vertically above the forearm.... almost like a fist punching upwards. Then again, I don't...
+1. When I practice piano for a couple hours, my shoulders and upper back will be more sore than pretty much any gym workout. Yet I've never seen a yoked pianist with massive delts.
All you guys with your fancy calorie counting. The only difference between eating while "bulking" and cutting for me is how much junk food I eat. Bulking = candy with lunch, candy after workout, and ice cream after dinner. Cutting = candy after workout only.
Lowbar squats having some good influence on my main lifts. Used to never be able to stand up with heavy cleans if I didn't get the bounce at the bottom, but managed 140kg hang clean even after pausing for a moment to get in proper position. Also, grinding out a snatch dead lift at 180kg really puts into perspective just how strong the elite guys are who are snatching that much.
Yep, I found the stitching to be pretty awful on my Eastbay shorts too. Hole in the crotch junction and inner thigh in two pair within a few weeks. I bought some tights and shorts from the CompressionZ brand on amazon (linky) and I have been pleased. I would recommend giving them a try. Was a bit wary given they're only sold on Amazon, and the name is rather daft, but the reviews were pretty positive. The seams are much stronger, material is thicker than most, and the cut...
So Charly gonna be doing front squats as I introduce low bar wide stance powerlifting back squats into my routine. Is this real life? My goal being to strengthen the hips, hammies, and glutes to accomodate a wider landing stance during the snatch and clean. They're pretty awful (most likely because I still suck at them) but I'm already feeling more stable and confident in the receive positions.Just goes to show anyone saying something is for powerlifting or for...
Luckily [Olympic] weight lifters have the sort of aesthetics that I would want, so I don't worry about performance vs appearance.... it's all the same for me.I have a general template, but specific exercises are left up to what I feel will be most beneficial. One snatch focus day, one clean & jerk focus day, one lower weight technique day, one heavy singles day, and one general strength day. Except for the heavy singles day, each of the other is usually 3-4 big compound...
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