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Hmmm..... size 13 on the 'bay. Should I kop?
Calibrated digital scale has me at 95.3kg with lifting shoes and sweaty workout clothes. I think I'll be able to make 94kg for the competition after all. Tighten up the diet a bit, ditch the shoes, get a haircut, and take a dump.... shouldn't be too hard to knock off 4 lbs in 2 weeks.
Best snatch workout of my life 2.5 weeks out from competition. Two singles at 105kg and then one single at 106 (PR). Took a few attempts to hit the 106, but nonetheless I'm feeling good. Also saw a knucks doppelganger in the weight room today..... stocky, huge beard. But the dude struggled to push-press 185 lbs for a double and I'm quite sure knucks is way stronger than that.
Added a handful of kilos to C&J today. Almost at the 110/140 I want to put up at the competition in August. I'm about 98kg now, not sure if I can (or want) to drop to 94 for the meet. Oh well.... Also started doing hip, knee, and ankle stretches/mobility work at night beginning last week. Should have done it a LONG time ago.... everything feels quicker and more stable, not fighting against joints as much.
I've been decreasing my grain intake. Replacing with potato chips, candy, and ice cream. Seriously. And I feel better now, much less lethargic. I dunno what sort of bro-science could justify it..... although, I have found several sources that show chips, candy, and full-fat ice cream have lower GI than most breads or grain-based foods. But I doubt that has anything to do with it.
300kg in February this year. http://www.beytin.com/p/rankings-and-records.html
LOL if people actually realized how much shit, piss, mucus, (and probably semen) from other people and animals entered their body on a daily basis, they'd probably vomit. Hell, if you're in a room with more than a few people, chances are that each breath you take contains non-trivial amount of farts. A little bit of chicken shit doesn't scare me. Then again, I enjoy chitterlings, raw meat and organs, and dishes that use blood. Apparently the 3rd ranked 77kg lifter in the...
So I think i'm going to the leap and final buying a protein powder and was wondering what the serious barbell guys use? Don't want anything fancy, don't need vitamins or shit since my diet has lots of veg/fruit anyway, just something simple and effective with not a lot of extra crap in it.It looks like I will be doing my first USAW sanctioned competition at the end of August. Hopefully peaking around then to put up a respectable total.Also, dat feel when you have to piss...
Used straps for high-volume snatches at recommendation of coach... bar felt like it was glued to my hands. Feeling great about C&J technique, max is less than 15kg under 1RM front squat and haven't missed a rep in a long time, except for PR attempts -- just need to get stronger now. Snatch consistency is getting better, but still not as good as I want it to be. I can make 99 lifts, but that 1 miss pisses me off for the rest of the day. Also, two straight days of BIG...
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