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The problem is that my personality is about as mellow and laid-back as you'll ever meet so I just have a hard time getting "pumped up" and aggressive. While the adrenaline during a comp does help a little bit, my coach told me "You've gotta find something to get pissed off about." When I miss lifts I tend to get PO'd and aggressive, but in a competition I can't wait until I miss to get into that mindset.... I've got to be there from the get-go.
Here's a dumb idea: instead of giving employers tax breaks for supplying health insurance options to employees, give those tax breaks to insurance companies for having suitable (gov't approved) plans and also to individuals for participating. Seems to me that many of the stories in this thread are related to changing jobs and changing coverage, so why not eliminate that bump altogether and make it easier and more affordable for individuals to maintain the same insurance...
Ugh. Second-to-last heavy day before competition, and it was awful. Previous workout was excellent, but today I was missing my openers. Not good. Gonna have to get my ass in gear and really focus on Sunday.
Richard is a great person with whom to deal. He is very prompt and communicative. Add in the fact that he asks for no additional fees, and it really makes Richard a wonderful asset to the Styleforum community. Thank you Richard for providing such an excellent service!
eBay. Whenever I lose an auction, I take it personally and remained despondent for some time afterward.
Hmmmm....... another competition at end of October possibly. Even though I doubt my total will be up much by then, getting more experience on the platform would be nice. Also, at one point on Friday, of the 8 people working out in the weight room, I was the only one NOT doing a biceps curl of some kind.
Yea, I think I accelerate more in the 1st pull than most people do and I need to pop harder on the 2nd pull. I also noticed that I'm getting on my toes a tad early. I know my bar path is VERY straight, as opposed to the S-shape that seems to be the norm for the top lifters.Thanks. Definitely much to work on. Goal is to open at the next meet with my missed lifts (106,135).It's usually not as bad as in the video, but something I need to work on nonetheless. In training, I...
Ugh. As promised, here's video of the Oly Comp last weekend and it's not pretty. It's evident that I wasn't all together that day; slow and loose and weak, not precise in my movements. Also evident is my DYEL physique and my awful Oly Lifting body type with long legs and long arms. Weighed in at 91kg that day. Snatch at 100kg was a bit back but managed to save. Snatch at 106kg just a hair forward and I get on my toes receiving but can't get control. C&J attempt 3 was...
First Olympic Lifting Competition completed. Did well enough to get second in my weight class, but didn't meet my goals ... was so anxious the entire day (I didn't lift until almost 7pm) and a little off from being sick during the week. Two days later I'm still upset about missing but first place in my class was ridiculously good, so even if I had not missed I would be second place anyway. Also, I looked DYEL amongst most of the other lifters. My GF says to me "You look so...
I'm pretty sure that is Charly's whole point: it's lack of dedication to proper nutrition and training that hold people back, not innate physical barriers. Charly is saying that the majority of the population, were they to truly devote their selves to the goal of making elite lifts, could probably do it. I don't disagree with that sentiment. It's not easy, but excelling at anything is never easy.
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