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Actually it is. Losing weight is easy compared to gorging constantly to support mass gain.Of course, anytime I say such a thing to most people, they want to punch me in my face. Just the other day, my girlfriend gave me an ugly look when I complained that stuffing down a pound of salmon, two loaded baked potatoes, a pound of asparagus, half-loaf of cheesy garlic bread, and a fistful of chocolate-covered peanut brittle was difficult. She's all like "You can just eat...
Got 1st of 4 in my class at Oly comp today, 4th overall. They red-lighted me on 2nd attempt for a soft elbow on the jerk, but I said "screw it" and made a +2kg comp CJ PR on the third attempt anyway. Time to eat junk food and drink whiskey!
I must move to Montana.When on a date with a girl, if she says "Oh, I just love brunching with my friends!" I know it's not going to work.
I'm debating whether or not to try the eat-yourself-sick method for a while. Given my height of just shy of 6'2" tall, I'd probably be better suited to the 105kg class anyway. But then I see Ian Wilson who is over 6ft and is #1 in the 94kg class and I think "If he can do it, surely I can hit my meager goals without getting heavier." Ugh, what to do what to do.....
How risky is it to alter a long to a regular? I've found a vintage jacket for a great price that measures well aside from the length. I searched and found some answers from the crowd regarding this, but wanted to pose the question to the resident tailors and get expert feedback. If a client of yours came in with a long that fit well in the shoulders and chest, would you be willing to shorten the sleeves and skirt hem? What is a reasonable amount to shorten without throwing...
The problem is that my personality is about as mellow and laid-back as you'll ever meet so I just have a hard time getting "pumped up" and aggressive. While the adrenaline during a comp does help a little bit, my coach told me "You've gotta find something to get pissed off about." When I miss lifts I tend to get PO'd and aggressive, but in a competition I can't wait until I miss to get into that mindset.... I've got to be there from the get-go.
Ugh. Second-to-last heavy day before competition, and it was awful. Previous workout was excellent, but today I was missing my openers. Not good. Gonna have to get my ass in gear and really focus on Sunday.
Richard is a great person with whom to deal. He is very prompt and communicative. Add in the fact that he asks for no additional fees, and it really makes Richard a wonderful asset to the Styleforum community. Thank you Richard for providing such an excellent service!
eBay. Whenever I lose an auction, I take it personally and remained despondent for some time afterward.
Hmmmm....... another competition at end of October possibly. Even though I doubt my total will be up much by then, getting more experience on the platform would be nice. Also, at one point on Friday, of the 8 people working out in the weight room, I was the only one NOT doing a biceps curl of some kind.
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