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Ugh, +123456789 on the women being crazy. If they don't see amazing results in one week, "It's not working!!!" I'm like "bitch, just do things the right way and you won't have to crash diet ever again." It's so damn simple but they make it out to be such a nightmare. Anyway, gonna do a semi-Bulgarian cycle for the next 6 weeks. Last cycle only went max once a week in one lift only, and didn't see much progress. Seems that Oly lifts necessarily have different form for...
Although I seem to have forgotten how to snatch, I did manage to knock out a solid 138kg C&J. Now two weeks of no lifting, for first time in about 5 years. Then a nice 6 week peaking cycle leading up to competition in February.
3 sets of 10rep back squat at 80%, followed by a 6 sets [2 clean + 2 jerk] at 85%. Worst workout EVER.
That moment when you get so pissed at missing a hang snatch single at 85 percent for the 4th time, that you hulk out and do it for a triple next attempt.
Quotes overheard at the gym today questioning the safety of snatch..... "If I tried that, my shoulder would eject itself and just fly across the room." "He's asking for a torn labrum." "That's such a dangerous lift, he's gonna crush himself if he misses." "He probably shouldn't go so low." Mostly coming from guys who were back squatting what I was hang snatching for reps. I couldn't tell if they were serious, or if they' were just taken aback from having never seen...
Chestnut/whiskey brown Ferragamo Wingtip oxfords. 12B. Bought off eBay with the hopes that maybe I could fit in them since they are gorgeous, but alas these are a legit B width making them too tight for my C width foot. They are obviously worn, but still in very good shape. Leather is in great condition, original soles have a lot of life remaining. Nothing else included; no trees, no bag, just the kicks. Included shipping: USPS Priority with Signature.
Carrying logs through woods, one on each shoulder, all morning. Then splitting firewood all afternoon. Sore, but felt nice to do something physical since no gym due to holiday.
Actually it is. Losing weight is easy compared to gorging constantly to support mass gain.Of course, anytime I say such a thing to most people, they want to punch me in my face. Just the other day, my girlfriend gave me an ugly look when I complained that stuffing down a pound of salmon, two loaded baked potatoes, a pound of asparagus, half-loaf of cheesy garlic bread, and a fistful of chocolate-covered peanut brittle was difficult. She's all like "You can just eat...
Got 1st of 4 in my class at Oly comp today, 4th overall. They red-lighted me on 2nd attempt for a soft elbow on the jerk, but I said "screw it" and made a +2kg comp CJ PR on the third attempt anyway. Time to eat junk food and drink whiskey!
I must move to Montana.When on a date with a girl, if she says "Oh, I just love brunching with my friends!" I know it's not going to work.
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