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Differences of opinions, that is all. For some people, the PL aesthetic (like those Charly posted) is more desirable than a BB aesthetic. I do olympic weightlifting, mostly because I think it is fun and challenging, although I also think that the top lifters in the -94 & -105 categories have a physique that I find desirable. I mean, I guess you could argue that with BB you can achieve those physiques as well, but some people just prefer taking a different route to their...
LOL marketing. Second only to HR for complete and utter bullshit.
I think everyone in weightlifting has moments of "Why am I doing this to myself?!" Typically after long periods of limited progress. You look at all the effort you put in to do something very specific, and the limited recognition and accomplishments that can or do come out of it ... the cost/benefit is pretty shit. In other words, it's the PhD of strength sports. Which I guess then makes bodybuilding the B.S. and power lifting the M.S.?Injuries certainly make it less...
Cardio for weightlifters: Snatch singles at 90%, 60 seconds rest between reps. Then C&J 10 singles at 90% with 90 seconds between reps. Brutal. Fun, but brutal. Last few reps really stress technique due to fatigue. You don't nail positions exactly right, you're gonna miss the lift.
Erg / Row. Get yourself a used Concept2. Advantages over other cardio: almost full body workout, fairly large RoM, very easy on joints, adjustable resistance. Most Concept2 rowers have pace boat modes and other games to keep the boredom at bay.Also, for pure "cardio" where the intent is to maximize lung and heart performance, rowing is tough to beat:So runners and cyclists often have higher VO2Max/kg but rowers generally have the best VO2max independent of body weight....
FTFYAlso, you're obviously not porking correctly. Most people buy shitty commodity pork that has all the fat trimmed off. Get yourself a Berkshire rib roast from a real butcher leaving at least a half-inch fat cap, season with the basics (s&p, garlic, paprika, mustard, etc), sear outside, then finish at lower temp for 90-120 minutes. You will never look at pork the same again.
I feel like this is pretty much how most weightlifters (olympic) train, myself included. Almost every single day I'm pressing, pulling, and using my legs. It can be super tough, but honestly I think if you want to get strong and jacked and you can learn to push through the rough times, frequent full body workouts will give some great results.If you're not used to it, that sort of training will be absolutely brutal for a couple weeks/months. But eventually you'll be able to...
Going to see how my stabbed thumb holds up to some no hook snatch and clean today. It was fine yesterday just with squats and presses. Hopefully if I tape it enough it doesn't open up again. Also, I hit up an Indian buffet for lunch and I can feel the godfather of shits coming on. If anyone in the DC Metro area smells something nasty in the next hour or so, I apologize.
Stabbed myself in the thumb pretty bad while cooking yesterday. Now I can't hook grip until it heals
I offer you my condolences. After 5 years here I am ready to move on.
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