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Another vote here for True Nutrition. Besides the ability to customize the proteins in the mix, you can specify less sweetener for your mix, as well as avoiding sucralose or acesulfame if you don't like those things. I am almost done 5lb of 50% whey isolate and 50% hydrolyzed whey and it was the best tasting, best mixing protein I've ever tried. Then again, I always mix with milk which helps with taste and texture.
A lot of weightlifting (olympic) training programs lack high volume periods, and I agree that there is much to be gained from venturing into double digit rep territory from time to time. One notable exception is the LSUS program that does 10rep schemes for 3 weeks before moving to 5rep and 3rep periods of 3 weeks each. I'm probably going to run the LSUS program sometime this year, I will see if it is as brutal as everyone says it is.
I think this is good for all strength sports. With non-stick-ball sports becoming larger markets, it will make business sense to cater to these markets. More products, more media coverage, more sponsorship. Already Crossfit has helped expand the market for barbells, plates/bumpers, weightlifting gear, etc.Also, Crossfit in and of itself isn't that silly. The fitness concept does work and is useful for a large population of people who have no sport-specific desires. What is...
I feel like there could be an entire separate thread on Idiot Female Random Health and Exercise Thoughts. It's like they take broscience to the extreme... the more anecdotal and less empirical something is, the more women will believe in it.
I've seen these and others like them, and I'm curious as to how they taste. But $3 per bar is a bit crazy.
Bodybuilding Level: Asian -- two waifish dudes in stringer tanks, skinny jeans, and Crocs doing 50 rep shoulder shrugs with 15lb dumbbells.
So what you're saying is that powerlifters train like bodybuilders at times because it's a lot easier? Seriously, though... I think the reality is that there are similar training aspects across all three sports. People just refine certain parts to reflect their desired training goals.Plus, I think I've mentioned this before, but I believe anyone in any of the three sports could gain from incorporating aspects of the others. Snatch-style exercises are great for upper back...
Differences of opinions, that is all. For some people, the PL aesthetic (like those Charly posted) is more desirable than a BB aesthetic. I do olympic weightlifting, mostly because I think it is fun and challenging, although I also think that the top lifters in the -94 & -105 categories have a physique that I find desirable. I mean, I guess you could argue that with BB you can achieve those physiques as well, but some people just prefer taking a different route to their...
LOL marketing. Second only to HR for complete and utter bullshit.
I think everyone in weightlifting has moments of "Why am I doing this to myself?!" Typically after long periods of limited progress. You look at all the effort you put in to do something very specific, and the limited recognition and accomplishments that can or do come out of it ... the cost/benefit is pretty shit. In other words, it's the PhD of strength sports. Which I guess then makes bodybuilding the B.S. and power lifting the M.S.?Injuries certainly make it less...
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