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Snatch PR 112kg.... or 247lb for us Imperialists. Went up pretty easy too, might have tried 115kg but it's been a looooong time since my last snatch PR (such is the life of aged weight-lifters) so I wanted to walk out with a solid make instead of a bunch of potential misses. I'm definitely feeling that 115 before Christmas though.
I dunno, I feel like a loaded Five Guys bacon cheeseburger burger with fries and a big bowl of Samoa (girl scout cookie) flavor ice cream might change your mind on that.
Damn, that's my PhD advisor in a nut-shell. I've never seen someone spend so much time at work, seem so exhausted, and yet get so little real work done.
Because those low cal foods cost more. You can buy 6 "whole grain sandwich thins" (low carb bread) for about $3, or you can buy a loaf of 20+ slices of regular bread for $1.49. Never understood how companies get away with charging more money while delivering less product. I guess there is more processing involved to get things low cal but still relatively tasty and filling.You don't understand the science behind it? Or you don't get why people do it? Regarding the first,...
Chocolate-covered peanut-butter filled pretzels. Meat. Pop-tarts. Utz potato chips hand-cooked in lard. Pepperidge Farm soft bake cookies.Y'all can have your shreddedness..... I've got my sights set on snatching 300lbs.
Eastbay evapor performance tees. Cotton/poly blend, tough fabric, tagless, $4 each.
Another vote here for True Nutrition. Besides the ability to customize the proteins in the mix, you can specify less sweetener for your mix, as well as avoiding sucralose or acesulfame if you don't like those things. I am almost done 5lb of 50% whey isolate and 50% hydrolyzed whey and it was the best tasting, best mixing protein I've ever tried. Then again, I always mix with milk which helps with taste and texture.
A lot of weightlifting (olympic) training programs lack high volume periods, and I agree that there is much to be gained from venturing into double digit rep territory from time to time. One notable exception is the LSUS program that does 10rep schemes for 3 weeks before moving to 5rep and 3rep periods of 3 weeks each. I'm probably going to run the LSUS program sometime this year, I will see if it is as brutal as everyone says it is.
I think this is good for all strength sports. With non-stick-ball sports becoming larger markets, it will make business sense to cater to these markets. More products, more media coverage, more sponsorship. Already Crossfit has helped expand the market for barbells, plates/bumpers, weightlifting gear, etc.Also, Crossfit in and of itself isn't that silly. The fitness concept does work and is useful for a large population of people who have no sport-specific desires. What is...
I feel like there could be an entire separate thread on Idiot Female Random Health and Exercise Thoughts. It's like they take broscience to the extreme... the more anecdotal and less empirical something is, the more women will believe in it.
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