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Hmm this is very strange. Did not know there was a restock planned. I thought the new pants were coming in Tues and it was just 3 flannels.
Today should be a big day: Carmina up and a possibility of the new walts arriving
I believe it is the simpson. Have any of you guys gotten responses to your PMs? I know Mike said he has alot to get to but I was wondering if he forgot mine.
JP, they look great. Much better than on the site, IMO. Enjoy.
I think this is right. The shell dubs are obviously nice, but my favorite were, unexpectedly, the chelsea boots. Amazing color and last. Mike also told me that the calf skin used is sourced from the same place in France that Vass and EG use. Very cool.
Grape is so much more unusual. Doubt you'll find it again if you pass it up.
Just wanted to second the question about if there are any gift cards. It'd be a great idea because I can't really ask for anything from Ep for Xmas/Birthday but by putting together some cards I could feed the habit... Please make this happen Mike!
I don't have any experience with the Modified but according to our chart, Mod is the next blobbiest after TruB. Lots of cordo on the Barrie or Grant though if you're worried...Here's the chart by REGuy: http://www.styleforum.net/t/85589/the-official-alden-thread/13590#post_4526910Was in NY over Thanksgiving, went to Alden on Madison at 44th. Good selection to get sized though a little bit dickish service. Epaulet and JCrew Liq also have Aldens but more casual styles/fewer...
First time getting Shoemart 2nd list: descriptions only list model#... anywhere I can get pics/ a description by model number? Edit:this was an ipad problem. Fixed. My apologies.
Mike what's your schedule over Thanksgiving weekend? I'll be in the city, when can I swing by? Will you be primarily in LES or in brooklyn?
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