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Down for this if we can go a little darker ie: a tan calf rather than this whiskey cordo.
Since we're on suggestions (though you can bet I'll mention this again as we get closer to SS)-Mike, could you please make a button down white on white seersucker shirt. I found one 2 years back and haven't found one since. Has the breathability of linen without the wrinkles. Subtle, elegant and textured.
Aren't we are trying to create a new shoe? If Carmina has it already, why have it as a colab for Epaulet? Is it hard to proxy(not being a dick, this is a serious question)?
So Scott, to clarify, you're suggesting a 3 eyelet chukka in caramel calfskin on the Rain last?
Bal boot sounds cool. I will repost my suggestion from Ep thread: Burgundy or Darkbrown Captoe Oxford on the Robert or Alcudia Last
Burgundy or Darkbrown Captoe Oxford on the Robert or Alcudia Last would be my Carmina suggestion.
I would go with the #8. Shell is just so worth it. Look a NYR's pics a little while back for durability. Maybe you could darken that edgetrim up though... Don't know why people seem to like light with these dark leathers...
In all seriousness Mike- would you be willing to do a SF collab for Carmina and or Alden? We make a list of what we would like to see and then the top vote getter goes into production if X number of people commit to it?
How about something like thisEither by Carmina or Alden (who made the ones above)Also a Ravello jumper for next F/W???
Hmm this is very strange. Did not know there was a restock planned. I thought the new pants were coming in Tues and it was just 3 flannels.
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