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This does a great job summing up this thread. All over the place, with a very loose grasp on the facts and and subtextual "I like these shoes an I'm going to buy them, no matter how much shit I have to go through."- And I agree. If you're pissed off by one thing or another, don't buy Alden. As people have stated, Alden won't miss your business since they are already operating over capacity. I think that as long as they keep making the shoes they do and increasing princes...
I just bought 3 pairs of walts in 3 days The new offerings are just too good.
I have no problem with a 8% increase if it meant that a large amount of shoes don't have to be sent back for bullshit QC issues. I'm skeptical though....
A shadow plaid suit would be so incredibly badass I can't even understand it. Mike, was this the last winter pant delivery? Have some Ep credit and want to make sure the season's over before I allocate the funds to shadow blue and oxford grey.
Kawp'd. Been waiting on the shadow plaid for 2+ months. So amped right now.
Where are the plaid flannel pants?!
Useful description of Carmina lasts by Ethan over at The Armoury thread. The Carmina lasts are all width specific - from my experience, you cannot get a narrow last made wide, nor a wide last made narrow. Rather they have lasts that are narrow or wide, with different shapes and toe boxes per last. What we currently carry are the following; Simpson - a narrow last with a chisel toe. Reasonably extended in the toe box, and a reasonably narrow waist. E width. Alcudia -...
One thing that has not been discussed for the boot is # of eyelets/ height. Are you just planning on doing same height as the model boot floating around? Seems to high to me.
^Yes those look terrible and I'm not going to get into this because I think they're not SF approved but I maintain Wallabees are excellent. Worn in an in chestnut they look good IMO.(College kid, agree it would be weird at older age)
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