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Round 2: Epaulet Trousers- Tan Moleskin Gitman - White Oxford J. Press- Shaggy Dog Oxxford- Glen Plaid Jacket Alden- Shortwings x Blackbird And the customary cuff-shot
Charcoal Flannel is very close to black.
I believe that generally it is not advised to use as much polish as mentioned here, no?
I certainly can't take photos like KG and NYR, but I think I might own almost as much Epaulet! Submission #1 Epaulet Trousers- "Brushed Tattersall" (2010) Gant Rugger- White Oxford Barbour- Bedale Jacket in Sage Clark's- Wallabees in Chestnut I think this shot really shows the amazing pattern.
These are great deals but the fact that the words "Epaulet" and "Hipster Haberdashery" are next to each other just pisses me off.
1. Are we doing full body shots or just the pants?2. I'm assuming I can submit one pic for every pair?
+1. Very excited for these. Got my 1st of two packages today. Shadow plaids are amazing, pattern is even more subtle irl than in pictures. Very pleased and bring on the shadow tartan!
Nick Kroll is awesome and the fact he is an Ep customer makes it even awesome-r. The League is probably my favorite show on TV right now. Also I love people with attributes in their SF handle. A dude named BIG WONG is just the kind of guy I want buying all the XL stuff Can't wait for the mailman this week. 10th pair of walts will arrive. In the photographic spirit of the thread I'll try to shoot at least part of the collection.
This does a great job summing up this thread. All over the place, with a very loose grasp on the facts and and subtextual "I like these shoes an I'm going to buy them, no matter how much shit I have to go through."- And I agree. If you're pissed off by one thing or another, don't buy Alden. As people have stated, Alden won't miss your business since they are already operating over capacity. I think that as long as they keep making the shoes they do and increasing princes...
I just bought 3 pairs of walts in 3 days The new offerings are just too good.
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