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I'd like to see a price on this too, but I would be in for a #4 tanker (pref without tab, but not a deal breaker)
Hmm I would be surprised if this is normal.
It's very interesting that a lot of you guys are so into the shirts, sometimes more than the walts. I think the print shirts are awful and all my money is going to walts (10 pairs so far) and chinos (hoping to get 3 or 4 when Mike drops them in Feb). Not complaining because any business going Mike's way means more cool stuff for us, but it's weird.
Very good news! I'm looking to break into the rivet game this S/S. Mike or experienced wearers- If the 30 walt fits me perfectly would you recommend the 30 or 31 in rivet chinos. I was leaning towards 31 but any input would be appreciated.
Someone who is not messing around with their pants game/ can't narrow down which pairs to take. Edit I ended up going with: oxford grey flannel, shadow glen check, navy flannel, shadow tartan, olive moleskin, brown tattersall and irish tweed.
I was packing for a three month trip abroad today and my pants selection ended up consisting of 7 walts. That's it.
Any chance Epaulet will be selling sunglasses this summer? I'm hoping to be able to not even go into any other stores.
[[SPOILER]] As much as I liked SVB's picture, this gets my vote so far.
X post from Epaulet thread: Calf Shortwing from Blackbird.
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