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Someone who is not messing around with their pants game/ can't narrow down which pairs to take. Edit I ended up going with: oxford grey flannel, shadow glen check, navy flannel, shadow tartan, olive moleskin, brown tattersall and irish tweed.
I was packing for a three month trip abroad today and my pants selection ended up consisting of 7 walts. That's it.
Any chance Epaulet will be selling sunglasses this summer? I'm hoping to be able to not even go into any other stores.
[[SPOILER]] As much as I liked SVB's picture, this gets my vote so far.
X post from Epaulet thread: Calf Shortwing from Blackbird.
* Fit pics must feature Epaulet-branded trousers (Walt or Rudy), Rivet Chinos, or Smith/Hoyt jeans. No other epaulet-branded clothing is needed for the image.* You can post the pics right here in our affiliate thread. Especially awesome shots will be cross-posted to Epaulet's Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook.* Two winners will be announced. For the "popular choice" winner, our staff will narrow down all the entries to 5-7 finalists. That winner will then be chosen by Styleforum...
Round 2: Epaulet Trousers- Tan Moleskin Gitman - White Oxford J. Press- Shaggy Dog Oxxford- Glen Plaid Jacket Alden- Shortwings x Blackbird And the customary cuff-shot
Charcoal Flannel is very close to black.
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