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I'm getting a little nervous myself. The other rip was the same pocket rip other guys had, but I wasn't that concerned about it (even though I had never put anything in the pocket) this is more of a problem because its a rip in the fabric, not along a seam. As for size, I they're very comfortable, I don't think thats the issue.
After 2 years of 100% satisfaction with walt trousers, my second rip in 5 days. This is a big one just left of the seam the crotch seam.
Also have this little tear in mine having not put anything in there, ever. Mine are from the Mid Winter 2010 run.
Are new colors coming in with every chino restock (every 3-4 weeks?) PS: I nominate Cahrin for best avatar on the forum.
I've spent the last week in Naples and Scicily and not only have I a) been checking this page whenever I've had Internet but I've b) thought of NYR's interest for the region and c) gotten a compliment from an old man on the street about my walts (all the pants I brought are EP) props from abroad Mike!
Hey Mike, Can we know what colors are going to be in the "bigass" chino restock? I feel like I'm going to end up buying all these new walt colors anyway, but hopefully I'll only have to get them once. Are the chinos also coming in something similar to the butterscotch and olive canvas? What would be the difference, other than the cut?
I'd like to see a price on this too, but I would be in for a #4 tanker (pref without tab, but not a deal breaker)
Hmm I would be surprised if this is normal.
It's very interesting that a lot of you guys are so into the shirts, sometimes more than the walts. I think the print shirts are awful and all my money is going to walts (10 pairs so far) and chinos (hoping to get 3 or 4 when Mike drops them in Feb). Not complaining because any business going Mike's way means more cool stuff for us, but it's weird.
Very good news! I'm looking to break into the rivet game this S/S. Mike or experienced wearers- If the 30 walt fits me perfectly would you recommend the 30 or 31 in rivet chinos. I was leaning towards 31 but any input would be appreciated.
New Posts  All Forums: