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Wasn't there supposed to be a drop of new reg. twills in colors like french blue and green? Am I wrong, did this already sell out or are we still waiting on this?
Financial Aid office screwed me on my grant, even though I gave them another school's award that they said they'd match. Pretty confident they screwed up and I can get our part reduced but begging for money is not a great feeling...
I know that wallows are not that SF approved, so if you have any lying in that shameful corner of your closet (maybe with your old J. Crew?), I'll take them off your hands. Looking for USED pairs only, the more beat-up the better. Especially interested in the "oily leather" pair. Name your price. Like those ^
I was under the impression that it was well established that the richer you were the less religious you were. This is certainly the case in the rest of the world and I think it applies in the US too. Then again, I live in a town with 60+% self identified atheists so maybe I'm just in an academia bubble.
For sale: 2 Rugby RL oxfords. One in mint green, the other in purple. Good condition, each worn maybe 5 times. Size Small measurements from the site: Chest 36-38", Neck 14-14.5", Sleeve 32-33", Waist 28-30" The green color is badly captured. 1st pic is the truest. Here is the color. $30 each. Both for $50 CONUS.
Selling these whiskey LWBs. Sad to see them go, but they’re not getting any wear- as you can see. Selling for $680 on Shoemart. Please contact me if you need more info or pics. Alden box and dust bags included. (#4 is slight crease from trying on; 6 is full disclosure of mark, common on Alden.) Ebay Feedback Sold to/Bought from Nickelcobalt,dhinggok, NickPollica on the forum.
9. Yikes.
1. walts are the best pants ever and exactly what you're looking for.2. they are very easy to alter.
This is great news. The more I read about them, the more it seems like these are what I'm looking for instead of the duck canvas. I think I might cede my french blue duck preorder if I was one of those who got it.
Just got the seersucker walts. Had my eye on them and the price drop made me jump. Very excited Over the last 2 years I've only ever gotten winter weight walts. Word is summer fabrics make up a little looser right?
New Posts  All Forums: