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mike, sent you a pm.
Mike how many gant jackets do you have in each color/ size. I need an orange small but I'm only getting money in a week.
I wear a medium in Rugger oxfords. Is this equivalent to a Epaulet M meaning I could get away with a small Gant parka? or is it just going to be too big?
Quote: Originally Posted by ChrisGold Cigar LWB arrived early this morning, quick family pick with all Aldens, missing Ravello LWB, which are visiting Alden for new soles. (Sorry, lousy camera phone pic) Absolutely legendary.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowmanxl could i ask if the walt trousers are constantly stocked? or do new ones (materials) come out every season, making the ones offered this season obsolete.. thanks guys feel free to The walts usually come out in small batches of dead-stock fabric. When they're gone, they're gone. Mike does a great job getting new styles in pretty regularly but if you really like a pair I would move because they often fly...
Quote: Originally Posted by cuteo101 I share the same sickness. Here's my meager selection. How many times have you worn the whiskey longwings?
Quote: Originally Posted by Pastor My vote goes to the Cigar LWB [IMG] By ststegall at 2011-02-17[/IMG] Amazing shoes. (White socks? Doesn't do the LWs justice.)
new cigar shell PTBs ( no affiliation with seller)
Mike, any upcoming collabs with Alden you can tell us about?
Mike, I asked this over on the Alden thread but got mixed replies: Is revello shell more like the strongly red color of the Brixtons on your website or more like the soft brown here: I was told that it could vary from run to run, so speaking for what you've got in shop, is the brixton color accurate? Super excited to get them but trying to figure out my other Alden purchases around what the color actually is.
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