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Hi Tom, Any chance you're planning some Ravello longwings? I've got to complete my shell collection!
Mike, Are the Brixtons and Nat Chromexcels LW going to be available for people who didn't get into the pre order in Sept/Oct? I'm looking to get both but have to save up my cash for then. PS: you should really some kind of monthly payment plan! haha
Does anyone have pictures of #4 and #6? Aldens I have: Whiskey Shell LW dark brown calf LW (for Blackbird) Burgundy Shell tassel loafers.
Mike, Any chance of seeing something similar to those donnegal Walts you had in october/november? I didn't move fast enough and they are still my biggest sartorial regret.
Can someone PLEASE make some nat chromexcel tassel loafers?! Would be sweetest shoe ever.
How about an Alden tassel loafer colab- How about natural chromexcel. I don't think that has ever been done?
Hi Mike, Any thoughts on getting an Epaulet rewards program going? I now have 5 pairs of your pants and a pair of Aldens and every time I think how cool it would be if you could get people an account number or something where if they spend $1000 at the store they get $50 off next purchase. Along those lines. In any case absolutely love the shop!
Sweet find.
Ahhh beautiful. Too bad not my size.
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