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Okay so the consensus is lift before sprint. The only problem with this is that I wouldn't eat my protein until more than an hour after lifting with this schedule. Not a big deal?
I've recently taken up doing sprints (10x 100m with 2min rest between.) I'm obviously feeling it in my quads and calfs but I had two questions for you guys: 1) I read a few places that sprinting is also a good core/ abs workout, but I don't have any soreness there. Anyone have experience with sprinting working abs out? 2) After good cardio (sprints or steps) I'm usually pretty sore all over, but I often go directly to the gym and lift for 30ish minutes. As long as I get...
Got the Navy,cloud and French blue twill walts at the Orchard st. store. Matt was great, as usual.
Mike, are you in the store this Sat & Sun? And if so, which location?
Fantastic condition, fully lined single vent Oxxford jacket. Flap pockets. Measurements: pit-to-pit: 39" Sleeve: (Measured in pic): 23". None to let out. From top of collar: 31" Across shoulders: 18" PM for any more details/ pics you may require. Offers welcome.
Im 5'10" 155 and 18 years old. Started lifting 5/6 times a week an am looking to get up to 165ish. I know that my age and access to a gym are in my favor, but here's the catch: I've been a vegetarian my whole life. Short of eating meat, has anyone here had success getting enough protein? I'm pounding whey supplements and protein bars but I'm still coming in around 100-110 grams a day, quite a bit short of the 1g per lb of weight recommendation.
Wasn't there supposed to be a drop of new reg. twills in colors like french blue and green? Am I wrong, did this already sell out or are we still waiting on this?
Financial Aid office screwed me on my grant, even though I gave them another school's award that they said they'd match. Pretty confident they screwed up and I can get our part reduced but begging for money is not a great feeling...
I know that wallows are not that SF approved, so if you have any lying in that shameful corner of your closet (maybe with your old J. Crew?), I'll take them off your hands. Looking for USED pairs only, the more beat-up the better. Especially interested in the "oily leather" pair. Name your price. Like those ^
I was under the impression that it was well established that the richer you were the less religious you were. This is certainly the case in the rest of the world and I think it applies in the US too. Then again, I live in a town with 60+% self identified atheists so maybe I'm just in an academia bubble.
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