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TItle says it all.
I'm also interested in seeing more fit pics on the polo. It seems to me that the cut is a little strange on Dylan, with a strong waist taper that makes it look more like a feminine cut. Interested to see what it'll look like in the wild or even what sizing up two would give.
Lol at Needsuply having much worse styling + $20 markup. I'll still with the Ep site.
As w4 said, I'd start with Khaki, then Navy (Then I'd say Gunmetal and French Blue) I'd strongly recommend the Walt Regimental Twill over the Rivet Chinos. The Chinos have a very low rise. Walt cut is perfect.
Thanks guys!
I really like the Quoddy Boat Moc at Leffot, specifically in blue, but I'm wondering if it's worth dropping $300 on a shoe that I'm going to end up wearing exclusively with chinos/ shorts and a tshirt, especially because I have these from Townview which have served my purposes well and cost 1/3 of the price. . Looking for advice from current Quoddy owners: worth it, or should I just spend my money somewhere else?
yup, we got it. 257 votes at last count.
Okay so the consensus is lift before sprint. The only problem with this is that I wouldn't eat my protein until more than an hour after lifting with this schedule. Not a big deal?
I've recently taken up doing sprints (10x 100m with 2min rest between.) I'm obviously feeling it in my quads and calfs but I had two questions for you guys: 1) I read a few places that sprinting is also a good core/ abs workout, but I don't have any soreness there. Anyone have experience with sprinting working abs out? 2) After good cardio (sprints or steps) I'm usually pretty sore all over, but I often go directly to the gym and lift for 30ish minutes. As long as I get...
Got the Navy,cloud and French blue twill walts at the Orchard st. store. Matt was great, as usual.
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